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Detailed Translations for repellent from English to Dutch


Translation Matrix for repellent:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- repellant
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschuwelijk repellant; repellent; repulsive; revolting abhorrent; hideous; horrible; horrific; monstrous; obnoxious; repelling; repugnant; repulsive; revolting
lelijk repellant; repellent; repulsive; revolting forbidding; plain; repelling; repulsive; revolting; ugly; unattractive; unsightly
weerzinwekkend repellant; repellent; repulsive; revolting abhorrent; dirty; disgusting; filthy; gruesome; heinous; loathsome; obnoxious; putrefied; putrid; rancid; repelling; repugnant; repulsive; revolting; sickening; sordid
- rebarbative; repellant; resistant
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afstotend voor zintuigen repellant; repellent; repulsive; revolting

Synonyms for "repellent":

Related Definitions for "repellent":

  1. incapable of absorbing or mixing with1
    • a water-repellent fabric1
  2. serving or tending to repel1
    • I find his obsequiousness repellent1
  3. the power to repel1
    • she knew many repellents to his advances1
  4. a chemical substance that repels animals1
  5. a compound with which fabrics are treated to repel water1

Wiktionary Translations for repellent:

  1. een nare indruk makend, onuitstaanbaar

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