Detailed Translations for resign from English to Dutch


to resign verb (resigns, resigned, resigning)

  1. to resign (retire; withdraw; slow down; come to a halt)
    ontslag nemen; uittreden; zich terugtrekken
  2. to resign (withdraw; retrieve; resign from; )
    terugtrekken; aftreden; uittreden
    • terugtrekken verb (trek terug, trekt terug, trok terug, trokken terug, teruggetrokken)
    • aftreden verb (treed af, treedt af, trad af, traden af, afgetreden)
    • uittreden verb (treed uit, treedt uit, trad uit, traden uit, uitgetreden)
  3. to resign (cancel an appointment; terminate)

Conjugations for resign:

  1. resign
  2. resign
  3. resigns
  4. resign
  5. resign
  6. resign
simple past
  1. resigned
  2. resigned
  3. resigned
  4. resigned
  5. resigned
  6. resigned
present perfect
  1. have resigned
  2. have resigned
  3. has resigned
  4. have resigned
  5. have resigned
  6. have resigned
past continuous
  1. was resigning
  2. were resigning
  3. was resigning
  4. were resigning
  5. were resigning
  6. were resigning
  1. shall resign
  2. will resign
  3. will resign
  4. shall resign
  5. will resign
  6. will resign
continuous present
  1. am resigning
  2. are resigning
  3. is resigning
  4. are resigning
  5. are resigning
  6. are resigning
  1. be resigned
  2. be resigned
  3. be resigned
  4. be resigned
  5. be resigned
  6. be resigned
  1. resign!
  2. let's resign!
  3. resigned
  4. resigning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for resign:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aftreden resigning; retiring
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afspraak afzeggen cancel an appointment; resign; terminate
aftreden abdicate; fetch back; pull back; resign; resign from; retire; retrieve; secede from; withdraw
ontslag nemen come to a halt; resign; retire; slow down; withdraw
terugtrekken abdicate; fetch back; pull back; resign; resign from; retire; retrieve; secede from; withdraw draw back; move back; pull away; pull back; recede; retire; retreat; withdraw
uittreden abdicate; come to a halt; fetch back; pull back; resign; resign from; retire; retrieve; secede from; slow down; withdraw
zich terugtrekken come to a halt; resign; retire; slow down; withdraw
- free; give up; leave office; quit; reconcile; release; relinquish; renounce; step down; submit; vacate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- renounce; retire from; waive

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Synonyms for "resign":

Antonyms for "resign":

  • take office

Related Definitions for "resign":

  1. accept as inevitable1
    • He resigned himself to his fate1
  2. part with a possession or right1
    • resign a claim to the throne1
  3. leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily1
    • The chairman resigned when he was found to have misappropriated funds1
  4. give up or retire from a position1
    • The chairman resigned over the financial scandal1

Wiktionary Translations for resign:

  1. quit a job or position
  1. een lidmaatschap of abonnement opzeggen

Cross Translation:
resign afzien; afstand verzichtenAnspruch auf etwas freiwillig aufgeben; etwas aus seiner Entscheidung heraus nicht tun
resign afstand doen van; opgeven; uitvallen; in de steek laten; laten varen; verlaten; toegeven; afstaan; wijken abandonner — Se remettre à ; se laisser aller à ; se livrer à.
resign zich onderwerpen; afleggen; opgeven; prijsgeven; toegeven; afstaan; wijken; afstand doen; abdiceren; abdiqueren; aftreden; afstand doen van abdiquerrenoncer à un pouvoir que l’on exercer ; se démettre de ses fonctions.
resign afstand doen van; opgeven; uitvallen renoncer — Se désister de quelque chose, soit par acte exprès, soit autrement.
resign afstand doen van; opgeven; uitvallen résigner — Se démettre, remettre. désuet|fr Il s’entendait ordinairement d’un bénéfice.

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