Detailed Translations for run wild from English to Dutch

run wild:

to run wild verb (runs wild, ran wild, running wild)

  1. to run wild
    • verwilderen verb (verwilder, verwildert, verwilderde, verwilderden, verwilderd)
  2. to run wild (degenerate; deprave; corrupt)
    degenereren; achteruitgaan; ontaarden; verworden; verderven
    • degenereren verb (degenereer, degenereert, degenereerde, degenereerden, gedegenereerd)
    • achteruitgaan verb (ga achteruit, gaat achteruit, ging achteruit, gingen achteruit, achteruitgegaan)
    • ontaarden verb (ontaard, ontaardt, ontaardde, ontaardden, ontaard)
    • verworden verb (verword, verwordt, verwerd, verwerden, verworden)
    • verderven verb (verderf, verderft, verdierf, verdierven, verdorven)

Conjugations for run wild:

  1. run wild
  2. run wild
  3. runs wild
  4. run wild
  5. run wild
  6. run wild
simple past
  1. ran wild
  2. ran wild
  3. ran wild
  4. ran wild
  5. ran wild
  6. ran wild
present perfect
  1. have run wild
  2. have run wild
  3. has run wild
  4. have run wild
  5. have run wild
  6. have run wild
past continuous
  1. was running wild
  2. were running wild
  3. was running wild
  4. were running wild
  5. were running wild
  6. were running wild
  1. shall run wild
  2. will run wild
  3. will run wild
  4. shall run wild
  5. will run wild
  6. will run wild
continuous present
  1. am running wild
  2. are running wild
  3. is running wild
  4. are running wild
  5. are running wild
  6. are running wild
  1. be run wild
  2. be run wild
  3. be run wild
  4. be run wild
  5. be run wild
  6. be run wild
  1. run wild!
  2. let's run wild!
  3. run wild
  4. running wild
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for run wild:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achteruitgaan declining in force; decrease in power; decrease in strength; weakening
ontaarden degenerates
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achteruitgaan corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild backslide; decline; degenerate; go to seed; recoil; recoil from; regress; shrink; shrink back; waining; withdraw
degenereren corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild backslide; degenerate; go to seed
ontaarden corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild come to; end in; lead to; result in; turn out to be
verderven corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild backslide; corrupt; debase; degenerate; deprave; go to seed; pervert
verwilderen run wild
verworden corrupt; degenerate; deprave; run wild backslide; degenerate; go to seed

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