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  1. screw open:


Detailed Translations for screw open from English to Dutch

screw open:

to screw open verb (screws open, screwed open, screwing open)

  1. to screw open (unscrew; loosen; screw off)
    losdraaien; losschroeven
    • losdraaien verb (draai los, draait los, draaide los, draaiden los, losgedraaid)
    • losschroeven verb (schroef los, schroeft los, schroefde los, schroefden los, losgeschroefd)
  2. to screw open (screw off; disconnect; loosen; unscrew)
    • afschroeven verb (schroef af, schroeft af, schroefde af, schroefden af, afgeschroefd)

Conjugations for screw open:

  1. screw open
  2. screw open
  3. screws open
  4. screw open
  5. screw open
  6. screw open
simple past
  1. screwed open
  2. screwed open
  3. screwed open
  4. screwed open
  5. screwed open
  6. screwed open
present perfect
  1. have screwed open
  2. have screwed open
  3. has screwed open
  4. have screwed open
  5. have screwed open
  6. have screwed open
past continuous
  1. was screwing open
  2. were screwing open
  3. was screwing open
  4. were screwing open
  5. were screwing open
  6. were screwing open
  1. shall screw open
  2. will screw open
  3. will screw open
  4. shall screw open
  5. will screw open
  6. will screw open
continuous present
  1. am screwing open
  2. are screwing open
  3. is screwing open
  4. are screwing open
  5. are screwing open
  6. are screwing open
  1. be screwed open
  2. be screwed open
  3. be screwed open
  4. be screwed open
  5. be screwed open
  6. be screwed open
  1. screw open!
  2. let's screw open!
  3. screwed open
  4. screwing open
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for screw open:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschroeven unscrewing
losschroeven unscrewing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschroeven disconnect; loosen; screw off; screw open; unscrew
losdraaien loosen; screw off; screw open; unscrew
losschroeven loosen; screw off; screw open; unscrew

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