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  1. set apart:


Detailed Translations for set apart from English to Dutch

set apart:

to set apart verb (sets apart, set apart, setting apart)

  1. to set apart (separate; seclude)
    afzonderen; isoleren; apart zetten
    • afzonderen verb (zonder af, zondert af, zonderde af, zonderden af, afgezonderd)
    • isoleren verb (isoleer, isoleert, isoleerde, isoleerden, geïsoleerd)

Conjugations for set apart:

  1. set apart
  2. set apart
  3. sets apart
  4. set apart
  5. set apart
  6. set apart
simple past
  1. set apart
  2. set apart
  3. set apart
  4. set apart
  5. set apart
  6. set apart
present perfect
  1. have set apart
  2. have set apart
  3. has set apart
  4. have set apart
  5. have set apart
  6. have set apart
past continuous
  1. was setting apart
  2. were setting apart
  3. was setting apart
  4. were setting apart
  5. were setting apart
  6. were setting apart
  1. shall set apart
  2. will set apart
  3. will set apart
  4. shall set apart
  5. will set apart
  6. will set apart
continuous present
  1. am setting apart
  2. are setting apart
  3. is setting apart
  4. are setting apart
  5. are setting apart
  6. are setting apart
  1. be set apart
  2. be set apart
  3. be set apart
  4. be set apart
  5. be set apart
  6. be set apart
  1. set apart!
  2. let's set apart!
  3. set apart
  4. setting apart
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for set apart:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afzonderen seclude; separate; set apart differentiate; dissociate from; isolate; place apart; remove; secluding; separate; split; tear off
apart zetten seclude; separate; set apart
isoleren seclude; separate; set apart detain; dissociate from; isolate; make cold-resistant; place apart; separate
- assign; isolate; keep apart; sequester; sequestrate; specify

Synonyms for "set apart":

Related Definitions for "set apart":

  1. set apart from others1
  2. select something or someone for a specific purpose1

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