Detailed Translations for snooze from English to Dutch


to snooze verb (snoozes, snoozed, snoozing)

  1. to snooze (sleep; be asleep)
    slapen; meuren; pitten; maffen
    • slapen verb (slaap, slaapt, sliep, sliepen, geslapen)
    • meuren verb (meur, meurt, meurde, meurden, gemeurd)
    • pitten verb (pit, pitte, pitten, gepit)
    • maffen verb (maf, maft, mafte, maften, gemaft)
  2. to snooze (doze; drowse)
    sluimeren; dommelen; doezelen; soezen; dutten
    • sluimeren verb (sluimer, sluimert, sluimerde, sluimerden, gesluimerd)
    • dommelen verb (dommel, dommelt, dommelde, dommelden, gedommeld)
    • doezelen verb (doezel, doezelt, doezelde, doezelden, gedoezeld)
    • soezen verb (soes, soest, soesde, soesden, gesoesd)
    • dutten verb (dut, dutte, dutten, gedut)
  3. to snooze (doze)
    sluimeren; verborgen aanwezig zijn
  4. to snooze
    – To delay a reminder or alarm by a specified time. 1
    • uitstellen verb (stel uit, stelt uit, stelde uit, stelden uit, uitgesteld)

Conjugations for snooze:

  1. snooze
  2. snooze
  3. snoozes
  4. snooze
  5. snooze
  6. snooze
simple past
  1. snoozed
  2. snoozed
  3. snoozed
  4. snoozed
  5. snoozed
  6. snoozed
present perfect
  1. have snoozed
  2. have snoozed
  3. has snoozed
  4. have snoozed
  5. have snoozed
  6. have snoozed
past continuous
  1. was snoozing
  2. were snoozing
  3. was snoozing
  4. were snoozing
  5. were snoozing
  6. were snoozing
  1. shall snooze
  2. will snooze
  3. will snooze
  4. shall snooze
  5. will snooze
  6. will snooze
continuous present
  1. am snoozing
  2. are snoozing
  3. is snoozing
  4. are snoozing
  5. are snoozing
  6. are snoozing
  1. be snoozed
  2. be snoozed
  3. be snoozed
  4. be snoozed
  5. be snoozed
  6. be snoozed
  1. snooze!
  2. let's snooze!
  3. snoozed
  4. snoozing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for snooze:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
doezelen dozing; drowsing; napping; snoozing
dommelen dozing; drowsing; napping; snoozing
dutten dozing; drowsing; napping; snoozing
sluimeren slumber; slumbering
soezen dozing; drowsing; napping; snoozing
- cat sleep; catnap; forty winks; nap; short sleep
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
doezelen doze; drowse; snooze
dommelen doze; drowse; snooze
dutten doze; drowse; snooze have a bit of shut-eye; have a nap; have a snooze
maffen be asleep; sleep; snooze
meuren be asleep; sleep; snooze have something fishy about it; smell; stink
pitten be asleep; sleep; snooze stone
slapen be asleep; sleep; snooze
sluimeren doze; drowse; snooze
soezen doze; drowse; snooze
uitstellen snooze defer; postpone; put off
verborgen aanwezig zijn doze; snooze
- doze; drowse
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verborgen aanwezig zijn concealed; hidden; secret

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Related Definitions for "snooze":

  1. sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)2
  2. sleep lightly or for a short period of time2
  3. To delay a reminder or alarm by a specified time.1

Wiktionary Translations for snooze:

  1. To sleep, especially briefly; to nap

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