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  1. spruce up:


Detailed Translations for spruce up from English to Dutch

spruce up:

to spruce up verb (spruces up, spruced up, sprucing up)

  1. to spruce up (cheer up; brighten)
    opkikkeren; opknappen
    • opkikkeren verb (kikker op, kikkert op, kikkerde op, kikkerden op, opgekikkerd)
    • opknappen verb (knap op, knapt op, knapte op, knapten op, opgeknapt)
  2. to spruce up (rub smooth; buff; brush up; )
    gladmaken; gladwrijven
    • gladmaken verb (maak glad, maakt glad, maakte glad, maakten glad, gladgemaakt)
    • gladwrijven verb (wrijf glad, wrijft glad, wreef glad, wreven glad, gladgewreven)

Conjugations for spruce up:

  1. spruce up
  2. spruce up
  3. spruces up
  4. spruce up
  5. spruce up
  6. spruce up
simple past
  1. spruced up
  2. spruced up
  3. spruced up
  4. spruced up
  5. spruced up
  6. spruced up
present perfect
  1. have spruced up
  2. have spruced up
  3. has spruced up
  4. have spruced up
  5. have spruced up
  6. have spruced up
past continuous
  1. was sprucing up
  2. were sprucing up
  3. was sprucing up
  4. were sprucing up
  5. were sprucing up
  6. were sprucing up
  1. shall spruce up
  2. will spruce up
  3. will spruce up
  4. shall spruce up
  5. will spruce up
  6. will spruce up
continuous present
  1. am sprucing up
  2. are sprucing up
  3. is sprucing up
  4. are sprucing up
  5. are sprucing up
  6. are sprucing up
  1. be spruced up
  2. be spruced up
  3. be spruced up
  4. be spruced up
  5. be spruced up
  6. be spruced up
  1. spruce up!
  2. let's spruce up!
  3. spruced up
  4. sprucing up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for spruce up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gladmaken brush up; buff; doll up; polish; rub smooth; spruce up; trick up egalize; even; polish; smooth
gladwrijven brush up; buff; doll up; polish; rub smooth; spruce up; trick up
opkikkeren brighten; cheer up; spruce up
opknappen brighten; cheer up; spruce up boost; fix up; jack up v; patch up; pep up; redevelop; refurbish; renew; renovate; resume
- slick up; smarten up; spiff up; spruce; titivate; tittivate

Synonyms for "spruce up":

Related Definitions for "spruce up":

  1. dress and groom with particular care, as for a special occasion1
  2. make neat, smart, or trim1

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