Detailed Translations for strike into from English to Dutch

strike into:

to strike into verb (strikes into, struck into, striking into)

  1. to strike into (inspire; prompt)
    inspireren; ingeven; inboezemen
    • inspireren verb (inspireer, inspireert, inspireerde, inspireerden, geïnspireerd)
    • ingeven verb (geef in, geeft in, gaf in, gaven in, ingegeven)
    • inboezemen verb (boezem in, boezemt in, boezemde in, boezemden in, ingeboezemd)
  2. to strike into (incite; encourage; cheer on; inspire; fire)
    aanmoedigen; toejuichen; bezielen; aanvuren
    • aanmoedigen verb (moedig aan, moedigt aan, moedigde aan, moedigden aan, aangemoedigd)
    • toejuichen verb (juich toe, juicht toe, juichte toe, juichten toe, toegejuicht)
    • bezielen verb (beziel, bezielt, bezielde, bezielden, bezield)
    • aanvuren verb (vuur aan, vuurt aan, vuurde aan, vuurden aan, aangevuurd)

Conjugations for strike into:

  1. strike into
  2. strike into
  3. strikes into
  4. strike into
  5. strike into
  6. strike into
simple past
  1. struck into
  2. struck into
  3. struck into
  4. struck into
  5. struck into
  6. struck into
present perfect
  1. have struck into
  2. have struck into
  3. has struck into
  4. have struck into
  5. have struck into
  6. have struck into
past continuous
  1. was striking into
  2. were striking into
  3. was striking into
  4. were striking into
  5. were striking into
  6. were striking into
  1. shall strike into
  2. will strike into
  3. will strike into
  4. shall strike into
  5. will strike into
  6. will strike into
continuous present
  1. am striking into
  2. are striking into
  3. is striking into
  4. are striking into
  5. are striking into
  6. are striking into
  1. be struck into
  2. be struck into
  3. be struck into
  4. be struck into
  5. be struck into
  6. be struck into
  1. strike into!
  2. let's strike into!
  3. struck into
  4. striking into
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for strike into:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanmoedigen encouragement; encouraging; impelling; inciting; motivation; stimulation; support; turning on
aanvuren encouragement; motivation; stimulation; support
toejuichen encouragement; motivation; stimulation; support
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanmoedigen cheer on; encourage; fire; incite; inspire; strike into activate; aggravate; arouse; awake; encourage; encourage someone; excite; foster; incite; inspire; motivate; motivate someone; stimulate; support
aanvuren cheer on; encourage; fire; incite; inspire; strike into encourage
bezielen cheer on; encourage; fire; incite; inspire; strike into activate; animate; arouse; awake; encourage; excite; inspire; stimulate; support
inboezemen inspire; prompt; strike into
ingeven inspire; prompt; strike into administer; advise; apply; dictate; nurse; order; pour in; prompt; suggest; whisper; whisper in someone's ear
inspireren inspire; prompt; strike into animate; inspire
toejuichen cheer on; encourage; fire; incite; inspire; strike into acclaim; applaud; cheer; hurray

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