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  1. talk into:


Detailed Translations for talk into from English to Dutch

talk into:

to talk into verb (talks into, talked into, talking into)

  1. to talk into
    aansmeren; aanpraten
    • aansmeren verb (smeer aan, smeert aan, smeerde aan, smeerden aan, aangesmeerd)
    • aanpraten verb (praat aan, praatte aan, praatten aan, aangepraat)

Conjugations for talk into:

  1. talk into
  2. talk into
  3. talks into
  4. talk into
  5. talk into
  6. talk into
simple past
  1. talked into
  2. talked into
  3. talked into
  4. talked into
  5. talked into
  6. talked into
present perfect
  1. have talked into
  2. have talked into
  3. has talked into
  4. have talked into
  5. have talked into
  6. have talked into
past continuous
  1. was talking into
  2. were talking into
  3. was talking into
  4. were talking into
  5. were talking into
  6. were talking into
  1. shall talk into
  2. will talk into
  3. will talk into
  4. shall talk into
  5. will talk into
  6. will talk into
continuous present
  1. am talking into
  2. are talking into
  3. is talking into
  4. are talking into
  5. are talking into
  6. are talking into
  1. be talked into
  2. be talked into
  3. be talked into
  4. be talked into
  5. be talked into
  6. be talked into
  1. talk into!
  2. let's talk into!
  3. talked into
  4. talking into
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for talk into:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanpraten talk into foist; palm
aansmeren talk into foist; palm

Synonyms for "talk into":

Antonyms for "talk into":

Related Definitions for "talk into":

  1. persuade somebody to do something1

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