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Detailed Translations for throw off from English to Dutch

throw off:

to throw off verb (throws off, threw off, throwing off)

  1. to throw off (drop; cast)
    afwerpen; afsmijten
    • afwerpen verb (werp af, werpt af, wierp af, wierpen af, afgeworpen)
    • afsmijten verb (smijt af, smeet af, smeten af, afgesmeten)
  2. to throw off
    eraf werpen; eraf gooien

Conjugations for throw off:

  1. throw off
  2. throw off
  3. throws off
  4. throw off
  5. throw off
  6. throw off
simple past
  1. threw off
  2. threw off
  3. threw off
  4. threw off
  5. threw off
  6. threw off
present perfect
  1. have thrown off
  2. have thrown off
  3. has thrown off
  4. have thrown off
  5. have thrown off
  6. have thrown off
past continuous
  1. was throwing off
  2. were throwing off
  3. was throwing off
  4. were throwing off
  5. were throwing off
  6. were throwing off
  1. shall throw off
  2. will throw off
  3. will throw off
  4. shall throw off
  5. will throw off
  6. will throw off
continuous present
  1. am throwing off
  2. are throwing off
  3. is throwing off
  4. are throwing off
  5. are throwing off
  6. are throwing off
  1. be thrown off
  2. be thrown off
  3. be thrown off
  4. be thrown off
  5. be thrown off
  6. be thrown off
  1. throw off!
  2. let's throw off!
  3. thrown off
  4. throwing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for throw off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afsmijten cast; cast off; drop; throw off
afwerpen cast; cast off; drop; throw off
eraf gooien throw off
eraf werpen throw off
- cast; cast off; drop; escape from; shake; shake off; shed; throw; throw away

Synonyms for "throw off":

Related Definitions for "throw off":

  1. get rid of1
  2. get rid of1

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