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  1. tower above:


Detailed Translations for tower above from English to Dutch

tower above:

to tower above verb (towers above, towered above, towering above)

  1. to tower above (rise above; rise; tower)
    uittorenen; uitrijzen
    • uittorenen verb (toren uit, torent uit, torende uit, torenden uit, uitgetorend)
    • uitrijzen verb (rijs uit, rijst uit, rees uit, rezen uit, uitgerezen)
  2. to tower above (rise above)
    • verderreiken verb (reik verder, reikt verder, reikte verder, reikten verder, verder gereikt)

Conjugations for tower above:

  1. tower above
  2. tower above
  3. towers above
  4. tower above
  5. tower above
  6. tower above
simple past
  1. towered above
  2. towered above
  3. towered above
  4. towered above
  5. towered above
  6. towered above
present perfect
  1. have towered above
  2. have towered above
  3. has towered above
  4. have towered above
  5. have towered above
  6. have towered above
past continuous
  1. was towering above
  2. were towering above
  3. was towering above
  4. were towering above
  5. were towering above
  6. were towering above
  1. shall tower above
  2. will tower above
  3. will tower above
  4. shall tower above
  5. will tower above
  6. will tower above
continuous present
  1. am towering above
  2. are towering above
  3. is towering above
  4. are towering above
  5. are towering above
  6. are towering above
  1. be towered above
  2. be towered above
  3. be towered above
  4. be towered above
  5. be towered above
  6. be towered above
  1. tower above!
  2. let's tower above!
  3. towered above
  4. towering above
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for tower above:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uitrijzen rise; rise above; tower; tower above
uittorenen rise; rise above; tower; tower above
verderreiken rise above; tower above

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