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  1. urge on:


Detailed Translations for urge on from English to Dutch

urge on:

to urge on verb (urges on, urged on, urging on)

  1. to urge on (emphasise; underline; tear; emphasize)
    benadrukken; accentueren
    • benadrukken verb (benadruk, benadrukt, benadrukte, benadrukten, benadrukt)
    • accentueren verb (accentueer, accentueert, accentueerde, accentueerden, geaccentueerd)
  2. to urge on (stress)
    • stressen verb (stres, strest, streste, stresten, gestest)

Conjugations for urge on:

  1. urge on
  2. urge on
  3. urges on
  4. urge on
  5. urge on
  6. urge on
simple past
  1. urged on
  2. urged on
  3. urged on
  4. urged on
  5. urged on
  6. urged on
present perfect
  1. have urged on
  2. have urged on
  3. has urged on
  4. have urged on
  5. have urged on
  6. have urged on
past continuous
  1. was urging on
  2. were urging on
  3. was urging on
  4. were urging on
  5. were urging on
  6. were urging on
  1. shall urge on
  2. will urge on
  3. will urge on
  4. shall urge on
  5. will urge on
  6. will urge on
continuous present
  1. am urging on
  2. are urging on
  3. is urging on
  4. are urging on
  5. are urging on
  6. are urging on
  1. be urged on
  2. be urged on
  3. be urged on
  4. be urged on
  5. be urged on
  6. be urged on
  1. urge on!
  2. let's urge on!
  3. urged on
  4. urging on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for urge on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accentueren emphasise; emphasize; tear; underline; urge on clarify; elucidate; exemplify; explain; expound; illustrate; throw light on
benadrukken emphasise; emphasize; tear; underline; urge on accentuate; emphasise; emphasize; stress
stressen stress; urge on
- barrack; cheer; exhort; inspire; pep up; press; root on; urge

Synonyms for "urge on":

Related Definitions for "urge on":

  1. force or impel in an indicated direction1
  2. spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts1

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