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Detailed Translations for wall in from English to Dutch

wall in:

to wall in verb (walls in, walled in, walling in)

  1. to wall in (immure; brick up)
    • ommuren verb (ommuur, ommuurt, ommuurde, ommuurden, ommuurd)
  2. to wall in (brick up; immure)
    • inmetselen verb (metsel in, metselt in, metselde in, metselden in, ingemetseld)

Conjugations for wall in:

  1. wall in
  2. wall in
  3. walls in
  4. wall in
  5. wall in
  6. wall in
simple past
  1. walled in
  2. walled in
  3. walled in
  4. walled in
  5. walled in
  6. walled in
present perfect
  1. have walled in
  2. have walled in
  3. has walled in
  4. have walled in
  5. have walled in
  6. have walled in
past continuous
  1. was walling in
  2. were walling in
  3. was walling in
  4. were walling in
  5. were walling in
  6. were walling in
  1. shall wall in
  2. will wall in
  3. will wall in
  4. shall wall in
  5. will wall in
  6. will wall in
continuous present
  1. am walling in
  2. are walling in
  3. is walling in
  4. are walling in
  5. are walling in
  6. are walling in
  1. be walled in
  2. be walled in
  3. be walled in
  4. be walled in
  5. be walled in
  6. be walled in
  1. wall in!
  2. let's wall in!
  3. walled in
  4. walling in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wall in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inmetselen brick up; immure; wall in
ommuren brick up; immure; wall in
- wall up

Synonyms for "wall in":

Related Definitions for "wall in":

  1. enclose with a wall1

Wiktionary Translations for wall in:

wall in
  1. enclose by surrounding with walls

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