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  1. wine and dine:


Detailed Translations for wine and dine from English to Dutch

wine and dine:

to wine and dine verb (wines and dines, wined and dined, wining and dining)

  1. to wine and dine (dine out; dine)
    dineren; uitgebreid eten; tafelen
    • dineren verb (dineer, dineert, dineerde, dineerden, gedineerd)
    • uitgebreid eten verb (eet uitgebreid, at uitgebreid, aten uitgebreid, uitgereid gegeten)
    • tafelen verb (tafel, tafelt, tafelde, tafelden, getafeld)

Conjugations for wine and dine:

  1. wine and dine
  2. wine and dine
  3. wines and dines
  4. wine and dine
  5. wine and dine
  6. wine and dine
simple past
  1. wined and dined
  2. wined and dined
  3. wined and dined
  4. wined and dined
  5. wined and dined
  6. wined and dined
present perfect
  1. have wined and dined
  2. have wined and dined
  3. has wined and dined
  4. have wined and dined
  5. have wined and dined
  6. have wined and dined
past continuous
  1. was wining and dining
  2. were wining and dining
  3. was wining and dining
  4. were wining and dining
  5. were wining and dining
  6. were wining and dining
  1. shall wine and dine
  2. will wine and dine
  3. will wine and dine
  4. shall wine and dine
  5. will wine and dine
  6. will wine and dine
continuous present
  1. am wining and dining
  2. are wining and dining
  3. is wining and dining
  4. are wining and dining
  5. are wining and dining
  6. are wining and dining
  1. be wined and dined
  2. be wined and dined
  3. be wined and dined
  4. be wined and dined
  5. be wined and dined
  6. be wined and dined
  1. wine and dine!
  2. let's wine and dine!
  3. wined and dined
  4. wining and dining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wine and dine:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dineren dine; dine out; wine and dine
tafelen dine; dine out; wine and dine
uitgebreid eten dine; dine out; wine and dine

Synonyms for "wine and dine":

Related Definitions for "wine and dine":

  1. provide with food and drink, usually lavishly1
  2. eat sumptuously1

Related Translations for wine and dine