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Detailed Translations for worsening from English to Dutch


worsening [the ~] noun

  1. the worsening (change for the worse; deterioration; aggravation; depravation)
    de verslechtering
  2. the worsening (change for the worse; deterioration; aggravation)
    de verergering

Translation Matrix for worsening:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verergering aggravation; change for the worse; deterioration; worsening
verslechtering aggravation; change for the worse; depravation; deterioration; worsening
- declension; decline in quality; deterioration

Related Words for "worsening":

Synonyms for "worsening":

Antonyms for "worsening":

  • bettering

Related Definitions for "worsening":

  1. changing for the worse1
    • worried by the worsening storm1
  2. changing something with the result that it becomes worse1
  3. process of changing to an inferior state1

worsening form of worsen:

to worsen verb (worsens, worsened, worsening)

  1. to worsen (deteriorate; get worse)
    verslechteren; erger worden
    • verslechteren verb (verslechter, verslechtert, verslechterde, verslechterden, verslechterd)
    • erger worden verb (word erger, wordt erger, werd erger, werden erger, erger geworden)
  2. to worsen (aggravate; exacerbate; exasperate)
    – make worse 1
    • verergeren verb (vererger, verergert, verergerde, verergerden, verergerd)

Conjugations for worsen:

  1. worsen
  2. worsen
  3. worsens
  4. worsen
  5. worsen
  6. worsen
simple past
  1. worsened
  2. worsened
  3. worsened
  4. worsened
  5. worsened
  6. worsened
present perfect
  1. have worsened
  2. have worsened
  3. has worsened
  4. have worsened
  5. have worsened
  6. have worsened
past continuous
  1. was worsening
  2. were worsening
  3. was worsening
  4. were worsening
  5. were worsening
  6. were worsening
  1. shall worsen
  2. will worsen
  3. will worsen
  4. shall worsen
  5. will worsen
  6. will worsen
continuous present
  1. am worsening
  2. are worsening
  3. is worsening
  4. are worsening
  5. are worsening
  6. are worsening
  1. be worsened
  2. be worsened
  3. be worsened
  4. be worsened
  5. be worsened
  6. be worsened
  1. worsen!
  2. let's worsen!
  3. worsened
  4. worsening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for worsen:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
erger worden deteriorate; get worse; worsen
verergeren aggravate; exacerbate; exasperate; worsen aggravate
verslechteren deteriorate; get worse; worsen
- decline

Related Words for "worsen":

Synonyms for "worsen":

Antonyms for "worsen":

Related Definitions for "worsen":

  1. grow worse1
    • Conditions in the slum worsened1
  2. make worse1

Wiktionary Translations for worsen:

  1. transitive: make worse
  2. intransitive: get worse
  3. -
  1. erger worden of maken
  2. figuurlijk erger maken

Cross Translation:
worsen bederven; verknoeien gâterendommager, mettre en mauvais état, abîmer en donnant une mauvaise forme ou autrement.