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  1. shirk:


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Translation Matrix for shirk:

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- fiddle; goldbrick; shrink from

Synonyms for "shirk":

Related Definitions for "shirk":

  1. avoid dealing with1
    • She shirks her duties1
  2. avoid (one's assigned duties)1
    • The derelict soldier shirked his duties1

Wiktionary Translations for shirk:

Cross Translation:
shirk kringgå; undfly vermijden — trachten te ontwijken
shirk dra sig undan; rygga tillbaka kneifen — (transitiv) übertragen: vor einer Handlung zurückschrecken
shirk kringgå; undfly parer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
shirk kringgå; undfly; undvika éviter — Échapper à

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