Detailed Translations for allaying from English to Swedish



to allay verb (allaies, allayed, allaying)

  1. to allay (reassure; set at ease; soothe)
    lugna; uppmuntra; inge ny tillförsikt
    • lugna verb (lugnar, lugnade, lugnat)
    • uppmuntra verb (uppmuntrar, uppmuntrade, uppmuntrat)
    • inge ny tillförsikt verb (inger ny tillförsikt, ingav ny tillförsikt, ingivit ny tillförsikt)
  2. to allay (satisfy; soothe; please; )
    • tillfredsställa verb (tillfredsställer, tillfredsställde, tillfredsställt)
  3. to allay (calm down; subside; cool down; soothe)
    lugna ned
    • lugna ned verb (lugnar ned, lugnade ned, lugnat ned)

Conjugations for allay:

  1. allay
  2. allay
  3. allaies
  4. allay
  5. allay
  6. allay
simple past
  1. allayed
  2. allayed
  3. allayed
  4. allayed
  5. allayed
  6. allayed
present perfect
  1. have allayed
  2. have allayed
  3. has allayed
  4. have allayed
  5. have allayed
  6. have allayed
past continuous
  1. was allaying
  2. were allaying
  3. was allaying
  4. were allaying
  5. were allaying
  6. were allaying
  1. shall allay
  2. will allay
  3. will allay
  4. shall allay
  5. will allay
  6. will allay
continuous present
  1. am allaying
  2. are allaying
  3. is allaying
  4. are allaying
  5. are allaying
  6. are allaying
  1. be allayed
  2. be allayed
  3. be allayed
  4. be allayed
  5. be allayed
  6. be allayed
  1. allay!
  2. let's allay!
  3. allayed
  4. allaying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for allay:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uppmuntra encouragements
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inge ny tillförsikt allay; reassure; set at ease; soothe
lugna allay; reassure; set at ease; soothe calm; calming down; comfort; hush up; keep quiet; keep under wraps; placate; relieve; soothe; soothing
lugna ned allay; calm down; cool down; soothe; subside pacify
tillfredsställa allay; hush; please; quiet; satiate; satisfy; saturate; silence; soothe; tranquilize; tranquillise; tranquillize appease; please; provide gratification; satisfy; suffice
uppmuntra allay; reassure; set at ease; soothe acclaim; applaud; arouse; cheer; cheer on; cheer up; comfort; console; encourage; favor; favour; fire; give a pep-talk; gladden; hold a pep-talk; hurray; incite; inspire; motivate; provoke; put someone on to something; slide in front; solace; stimulate; strike into; urge
- assuage; ease; quench; relieve; slake; still
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uppmuntra cheered up

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Related Definitions for "allay":

  1. satisfy (thirst)1
  2. lessen the intensity of or calm1

Wiktionary Translations for allay:

Cross Translation:
allay stilla stillen — (transitiv) etwas (meist Bedürfnisse) beruhigen, abschwächen
allay försötma; söta adoucir — Rendre doux, tempérer l’âcreté de quelque chose d’aigre, de piquant, de salé.
allay mildra; lätta soulagerdélivrer, débarrasser d’une partie de quelque fardeau.
allay avtrubba émousser — Traductions à trier suivant le sens