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Detailed Translations for alleviate from English to Swedish


to alleviate verb (alleviates, alleviated, alleviating)

  1. to alleviate (quench)
    släcka; dämpa; lindra; mildra
    • släcka verb (släckar, släckade, släckat)
    • dämpa verb (dämpar, dämpade, dämpat)
    • lindra verb (lindrar, lindrade, lindrat)
    • mildra verb (mildrar, mildrade, mildrat)

Conjugations for alleviate:

  1. alleviate
  2. alleviate
  3. alleviates
  4. alleviate
  5. alleviate
  6. alleviate
simple past
  1. alleviated
  2. alleviated
  3. alleviated
  4. alleviated
  5. alleviated
  6. alleviated
present perfect
  1. have alleviated
  2. have alleviated
  3. has alleviated
  4. have alleviated
  5. have alleviated
  6. have alleviated
past continuous
  1. was alleviating
  2. were alleviating
  3. was alleviating
  4. were alleviating
  5. were alleviating
  6. were alleviating
  1. shall alleviate
  2. will alleviate
  3. will alleviate
  4. shall alleviate
  5. will alleviate
  6. will alleviate
continuous present
  1. am alleviating
  2. are alleviating
  3. is alleviating
  4. are alleviating
  5. are alleviating
  6. are alleviating
  1. be alleviated
  2. be alleviated
  3. be alleviated
  4. be alleviated
  5. be alleviated
  6. be alleviated
  1. alleviate!
  2. let's alleviate!
  3. alleviated
  4. alleviating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. alleviate (deafen)

Translation Matrix for alleviate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dämpa alleviate; quench damp; dim; ease; evaporate; mellow; reduce; relax; smoke; soften; soothe; steam
lindra alleviate; quench ease; light; light up; lighten; mellow; placate; relax; relieve; shine; shine on; shine upon; soften; soothe
mildra alleviate; quench ease; mellow; relax; soften; soothe
släcka alleviate; quench disconnect; extinguish; make out; matter; put out; set out; switch off; turn off; turn out
- assuage; ease; facilitate; palliate; relieve
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
döva alleviate; deafen
släcka slacken

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Synonyms for "alleviate":

Related Definitions for "alleviate":

  1. provide physical relief, as from pain1
  2. make easier1

Wiktionary Translations for alleviate:

Cross Translation:
alleviate mildra; dämpa adoucir — Rendre plus supportable.
alleviate mildra; lätta soulagerdélivrer, débarrasser d’une partie de quelque fardeau.