Detailed Translations for ask from English to Swedish


to ask verb (asks, asked, asking)

  1. to ask (request; require; apply to; )
    anhålla om
    • anhålla om verb (anhåller om, anhöll om, anhållit)
  2. to ask (query; demand; wonder)
    • fråga verb (frågar, frågade, frågat)
  3. to ask (beg; plead; request; )
    fråga; be; anropa; tigga; bönfalla
    • fråga verb (frågar, frågade, frågat)
    • be verb (ber, bad, bett)
    • anropa verb (anropar, anropade, anropat)
    • tigga verb (tigger, tiggde, tiggt)
    • bönfalla verb (bönfallar, bönfallade, bönfallat)
  4. to ask (inquire)
    fråga; fråga efter
    • fråga verb (frågar, frågade, frågat)
    • fråga efter verb (frågar efte, frågade efte, frågat efter)

Conjugations for ask:

  1. ask
  2. ask
  3. asks
  4. ask
  5. ask
  6. ask
simple past
  1. asked
  2. asked
  3. asked
  4. asked
  5. asked
  6. asked
present perfect
  1. have asked
  2. have asked
  3. has asked
  4. have asked
  5. have asked
  6. have asked
past continuous
  1. was asking
  2. were asking
  3. was asking
  4. were asking
  5. were asking
  6. were asking
  1. shall ask
  2. will ask
  3. will ask
  4. shall ask
  5. will ask
  6. will ask
continuous present
  1. am asking
  2. are asking
  3. is asking
  4. are asking
  5. are asking
  6. are asking
  1. be asked
  2. be asked
  3. be asked
  4. be asked
  5. be asked
  6. be asked
  1. ask!
  2. let's ask!
  3. asked
  4. asking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ask:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fråga case; definition of a problem; interpellation; issue; matter; problem; query; question; request
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anhålla om appeal; apply to; ask; beg; examine; petition; pretest; query; request; require; test; try; try out apply for; ask for; file a petition; petition; query; request
anropa appeal; ask; beg; beseech; implore; plead; pray; query; request appeal to; call; call in; enlist; hail; invoke; shout; speak
be appeal; ask; beg; beseech; implore; plead; pray; query; request beg; bone; flay; plead; poach; pray; say grace; skin
bönfalla appeal; ask; beg; beseech; implore; plead; pray; query; request apply for; ask for; beg; file a petition; petition; plead; query; request
fråga appeal; ask; beg; beseech; demand; implore; inquire; plead; pray; query; request; wonder doubt; inquire; wonder
fråga efter ask; inquire
tigga appeal; ask; beg; beseech; implore; plead; pray; query; request beg; cadge; mooch; obtain by begging
- call for; demand; enquire; expect; inquire; involve; necessitate; need; postulate; require; take
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
spörja ask; inquire
tillfråga ask

Related Words for "ask":

  • asking

Synonyms for "ask":

Antonyms for "ask":

  • obviate

Related Definitions for "ask":

  1. make a request or demand for something to somebody1
    • She asked him for a loan1
  2. consider obligatory; request and expect1
    • Aren't we asking too much of these children?1
  3. inquire about1
    • I asked about their special today1
    • He had to ask directions several times1
  4. direct or put; seek an answer to1
    • ask a question1
  5. address a question to and expect an answer from1
    • The children asked me about their dead grandmother1
  6. require or ask for as a price or condition1
    • He is asking $200 for the table1
    • The kidnappers are asking a million dollars in return for the release of their hostage1
  7. require as useful, just, or proper1
    • This job asks a lot of patience and skill1

Wiktionary Translations for ask:

  1. make a request
  2. request an answer

Cross Translation:
ask be om vragen — mondeling of schriftelijk actie verzoeken
ask fråga vragen — mondeling of schriftelijk informatie verzoeken
ask fråga ut befragen — um mehrere Auskünfte bitten; Fragen an jemanden stellen
ask be bitten — (transitiv) jemanden in höflicher Form nach etwas fragen, sich in höflicher Form an jemanden wenden, jemanden um etwas ersuchen, einen Wunsch ausdrücken
ask begära; fordra; yrka på einmahnen — an eine Verpflichtung oder Schuld erinnern
ask fråga efter; efterfråga; höra sig för om erfragentransitiv: eine Auskunft durch Fragen erhalten, um eine Auskunft bitten
ask fråga fragen — (transitiv) eine Auskunft erbitten, um eine Auskunft bitten, eine Frage stellen
ask ansöka; bedja; fråga; spörja; anmoda demander — Indiquer à quelqu’un par des paroles, par un écrit ou tout autre moyen ce qu’on désire obtenir de lui.
ask lägga; ställa; sätta; bygga; inreda; inställa; göra poserplacer, mettre sur quelque chose.
ask bedja; anmoda; ansöka prieradorer la divinité en lui demander une grâce, en la remercier d’une grâce.

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