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Detailed Translations for attract attention from English to Swedish

attract attention:

to attract attention verb (attracts attention, attracted attention, attracting attention)

  1. to attract attention (be conspicuous; stick out; stand out; )
    dra uppmärksamhet; vara uppfallande
  2. to attract attention
    dra uppmärksamhet
    • dra uppmärksamhet verb (drar uppmärksamhet, drog uppmärksamhet, dragit uppmärksamhet)

Conjugations for attract attention:

  1. attract attention
  2. attract attention
  3. attracts attention
  4. attract attention
  5. attract attention
  6. attract attention
simple past
  1. attracted attention
  2. attracted attention
  3. attracted attention
  4. attracted attention
  5. attracted attention
  6. attracted attention
present perfect
  1. have attracted attention
  2. have attracted attention
  3. has attracted attention
  4. have attracted attention
  5. have attracted attention
  6. have attracted attention
past continuous
  1. was attracting attention
  2. were attracting attention
  3. was attracting attention
  4. were attracting attention
  5. were attracting attention
  6. were attracting attention
  1. shall attract attention
  2. will attract attention
  3. will attract attention
  4. shall attract attention
  5. will attract attention
  6. will attract attention
continuous present
  1. am attracting attention
  2. are attracting attention
  3. is attracting attention
  4. are attracting attention
  5. are attracting attention
  6. are attracting attention
  1. be attracted attention
  2. be attracted attention
  3. be attracted attention
  4. be attracted attention
  5. be attracted attention
  6. be attracted attention
  1. attract attention!
  2. let's attract attention!
  3. attracted attention
  4. attracting attention
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for attract attention:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dra uppmärksamhet attract attention; be conspicuous; jut out; leap out; prance; protrude; show off; stand out; stick out
vara uppfallande attract attention; be conspicuous; jut out; leap out; prance; protrude; show off; stand out; stick out
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dra uppmärksamhet attention drawing

Wiktionary Translations for attract attention:

Cross Translation:
attract attention väcka uppmärksamhet; frappera auffallenAufsehen erregen

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