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Detailed Translations for behind from English to Swedish


behind adj

  1. behind (here after)
  2. behind (here after)
  3. behind (after; later than)
  4. behind (after)

behind [the ~] noun

  1. the behind (bottom; buttocks; ass; )
    rumpa; baksida; stjärt

Translation Matrix for behind:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
baksida arse; ass; backside; behind; bottom; bum; buttocks; fanny; rear; rump back; back side; backside; drawback; flipside; other side; otherside; rear side; reverse; seamy side; shady side
härefter after-world; hereafter
rumpa arse; ass; backside; behind; bottom; bum; buttocks; fanny; rear; rump
stjärt arse; ass; backside; behind; bottom; bum; buttocks; fanny; rear; rump
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- behindhand; in arrears; slow
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bakefter behind
bakpå at the back; behind; on the back
baktill at the back; behind
bakut backwards; behind
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bakom after; behind
efter after; behind; here after; in the rear; later than according to; as appears from; as demonstrated by; further; next; subsequently; then
härefter behind; here after
senare after; behind; later than

Related Words for "behind":

  • behinds

Synonyms for "behind":

Related Definitions for "behind":

  1. having the lower score or lagging position in a contest1
    • behind by two points1
  2. in or to or toward the rear1
    • he followed behind1
    • seen from behind, the house is more imposing than it is from the front1
    • the final runners were far behind1
  3. remaining in a place or condition that has been left or departed from1
    • when he died he left much unfinished work behind1
    • left a large family behind1
    • the children left their books behind1
    • he took off with a squeal of tires and left the other cars far behind1
  4. in debt1
    • he fell behind with his mortgage payments1
    • a month behind in the rent1
  5. in or into an inferior position1
    • fell behind in his studies1
    • their business was lagging behind in the competition for customers1
  6. of timepieces1
    • my watch is running behind1

Wiktionary Translations for behind:

  1. butt, buttocks
  2. bottom, downside
  3. rear, back-end
  1. toward the back part or rear; backward
  2. at the back part; in the rear
  1. in support of
  2. after, time- or motion-wise
  3. to the back of
  4. at the back of

Cross Translation:
behind ända; bak Hintern — menschliches Körperteil, auf dem gesessen wird
behind bakom hinterräumlich: in Richtung der Rückseite von etwas entfernt
behind stjärt derrière — Se dit du côté opposé au devant, de la partie postérieure.

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