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  1. blare:


Detailed Translations for blare from English to Swedish


to blare verb (blares, blared, blaring)

  1. to blare (clatter; rant)
    tjuta; vråla
    • tjuta verb (tjutar, tjutade, tjutat)
    • vråla verb (vrålar, vrålade, vrålat)

Conjugations for blare:

  1. blare
  2. blare
  3. blares
  4. blare
  5. blare
  6. blare
simple past
  1. blared
  2. blared
  3. blared
  4. blared
  5. blared
  6. blared
present perfect
  1. have blared
  2. have blared
  3. has blared
  4. have blared
  5. have blared
  6. have blared
past continuous
  1. was blaring
  2. were blaring
  3. was blaring
  4. were blaring
  5. were blaring
  6. were blaring
  1. shall blare
  2. will blare
  3. will blare
  4. shall blare
  5. will blare
  6. will blare
continuous present
  1. am blaring
  2. are blaring
  3. is blaring
  4. are blaring
  5. are blaring
  6. are blaring
  1. be blared
  2. be blared
  3. be blared
  4. be blared
  5. be blared
  6. be blared
  1. blare!
  2. let's blare!
  3. blared
  4. blaring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for blare:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
trumpetstötar blare; blast of trumpets; flourish of trumpets; sound of horns; sound of trumpets
- blaring; cacophony; clamor; clamour; din
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tjuta blare; clatter; rant bark; bawl; bellow; blubber; boom; cry; cry out; let someone have it; rage; rant; rant & rage; roar; scream; shout; shriek; sniff; sniffle; snivel; tear; water; weep; whimper; whine; yell
vråla blare; clatter; rant bark; bawl; bawl out; bellow; bellow out; blare out; boo; boom; cry; cry out; howl; let someone have it; peal out; rage; rant; rant & rage; roar; scream; screech; shout; shriek; squawk; squeal; yell
- beep; blast; claxon; honk; toot

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Synonyms for "blare":

Related Definitions for "blare":

  1. a loud harsh or strident noise1
  2. make a strident sound1
  3. make a loud noise1
    • The horns of the taxis blared1

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