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Detailed Translations for buzz from English to Swedish


to buzz verb (buzzs, buzzed, buzzing)

  1. to buzz (hum)
    surra; mummla; sorla
    • surra verb (surrar, surrade, surrat)
    • mummla verb (mummlar, mummlade, mummlat)
    • sorla verb (sorlar, sorlade, sorlat)
  2. to buzz (hum)
    • surra verb (surrar, surrade, surrat)

Conjugations for buzz:

  1. buzz
  2. buzz
  3. buzzs
  4. buzz
  5. buzz
  6. buzz
simple past
  1. buzzed
  2. buzzed
  3. buzzed
  4. buzzed
  5. buzzed
  6. buzzed
present perfect
  1. have buzzed
  2. have buzzed
  3. has buzzed
  4. have buzzed
  5. have buzzed
  6. have buzzed
past continuous
  1. was buzzing
  2. were buzzing
  3. was buzzing
  4. were buzzing
  5. were buzzing
  6. were buzzing
  1. shall buzz
  2. will buzz
  3. will buzz
  4. shall buzz
  5. will buzz
  6. will buzz
continuous present
  1. am buzzing
  2. are buzzing
  3. is buzzing
  4. are buzzing
  5. are buzzing
  6. are buzzing
  1. be buzzed
  2. be buzzed
  3. be buzzed
  4. be buzzed
  5. be buzzed
  6. be buzzed
  1. buzz!
  2. let's buzz!
  3. buzzed
  4. buzzing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

buzz [the ~] noun

  1. the buzz (bustle; muttering; murmuring; )
    brådska; fläng; jäkt
  2. the buzz (hum; whirr; zooming)

Translation Matrix for buzz:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brådska babbling; bustle; buzz; din; hum; murmuring; muttering flow; haste; hastiness; hurry; influx; overhaste; quickness; rush; squash; stampede
fläng babbling; bustle; buzz; din; hum; murmuring; muttering haste; hastiness; hurry; overhaste; rush
jäkt babbling; bustle; buzz; din; hum; murmuring; muttering agitation; turbulence; unrest
surr buzz; hum; whirr; zooming coffee substitute; surrogate coffee
surra humming; soft singing
- bombilation; bombination
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brådska hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush
mummla buzz; hum
sorla buzz; hum murmur
surra bustle; buzz; hum bind; drone; lash; tie; whimper; whine; zoom
- bombilate; bombinate; hum; seethe

Related Words for "buzz":

Synonyms for "buzz":

Related Definitions for "buzz":

  1. a confusion of activity and gossip1
    • the buzz of excitement was so great that a formal denial was issued1
  2. sound of rapid vibration1
    • the buzz of a bumble bee1
  3. call with a buzzer1
    • he buzzed the servant1
  4. fly low1
    • Planes buzzed the crowds in the square1
  5. make a buzzing sound1
    • bees were buzzing around the hive1
  6. be noisy with activity1
    • This office is buzzing with activity1

Wiktionary Translations for buzz:

  1. (aviation) to fly at high speed and at a low altitude
  2. to make a low, humming or sibilant sound
  1. telephone call
  2. feeling of energy or excitement
  3. humming noise

Cross Translation:
buzz surrande bourdonnement — zoologie|fr son d’une vibration rapide émettre par certains types d’insectes comme l’abeille et quelques petits oiseaux quand ils voler.
buzz spinna ronronnerfaire entendre les ronrons, émettre un ronflement sourd et continu, en parlant d'un chat ou d'un félin, qui exprime en général son contentement.

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