Detailed Translations for cheering from English to Swedish


cheering [the ~] noun

  1. the cheering
  2. the cheering (cheers; rejoicing; exultation; jubilation)
    jubel; hurrande; munterhet


  1. cheering (bracing; stimulating)

Translation Matrix for cheering:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hurrande cheering; cheers; exultation; jubilation; rejoicing
jubel cheering; cheers; exultation; jubilation; rejoicing
jublande cheering
munterhet cheering; cheers; exultation; jubilation; rejoicing amusement; brightfulness; briskness; carousing; cheerfulness; frolics; fun; good spirits; happiness; hilarity; joy; joyfulness; lightheartedness; merriment; mirth; pleasure; revelry; roistering
uppmuntrande brightening ups; cheering ups
- shouting
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- comforting; satisfying
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
upplivande bracing; cheering; stimulating
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hjärtevärmande cheering; heartening; heartwarming fortifying; heartwarming; uplifting
jublande exultant; jubilant
uppmuntrande cheering; heartening; heartwarming cheer up; cheering up; encouraging; fortifying; heartening; heartwarming

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Synonyms for "cheering":

Related Definitions for "cheering":

  1. providing freedom from worry1
  2. encouragement in the form of cheers from spectators1

Wiktionary Translations for cheering:

Cross Translation:
cheering lustig; löjlig drôle — Comique, marrant, rigolo. (Sens général).

cheering form of cheer:

cheer [the ~] noun

  1. the cheer (applause; ovation; acclaim)
    applåd; huurarop; ovation; acklamation
  2. the cheer (encouragement; consolation)
  3. the cheer
    hurrarop; jubelrop
  4. the cheer (ovation; acclaim; applause)
    bifall; ovation
  5. the cheer (whoop of delight; shout of joy)

to cheer verb (cheers, cheered, cheering)

  1. to cheer (applaud; acclaim; hurray)
    inspirera; stimulera; uppmuntra
    • inspirera verb (inspirerar, inspirerade, inspirerat)
    • stimulera verb (stimulerar, stimulerade, stimulerat)
    • uppmuntra verb (uppmuntrar, uppmuntrade, uppmuntrat)
  2. to cheer (make happy; delight; gladden; )
    glädja; liva upp; fröjda
    • glädja verb (glädjer, gladde, glatt)
    • liva upp verb (liver upp, livde upp, livt upp)
    • fröjda verb (fröjdar, fröjdade, fröjdat)

Conjugations for cheer:

  1. cheer
  2. cheer
  3. cheers
  4. cheer
  5. cheer
  6. cheer
simple past
  1. cheered
  2. cheered
  3. cheered
  4. cheered
  5. cheered
  6. cheered
present perfect
  1. have cheered
  2. have cheered
  3. has cheered
  4. have cheered
  5. have cheered
  6. have cheered
past continuous
  1. was cheering
  2. were cheering
  3. was cheering
  4. were cheering
  5. were cheering
  6. were cheering
  1. shall cheer
  2. will cheer
  3. will cheer
  4. shall cheer
  5. will cheer
  6. will cheer
continuous present
  1. am cheering
  2. are cheering
  3. is cheering
  4. are cheering
  5. are cheering
  6. are cheering
  1. be cheered
  2. be cheered
  3. be cheered
  4. be cheered
  5. be cheered
  6. be cheered
  1. cheer!
  2. let's cheer!
  3. cheered
  4. cheering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. cheer
  2. cheer
  3. cheer (viva; vivat)

Translation Matrix for cheer:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acklamation acclaim; applause; cheer; ovation
applåd acclaim; applause; cheer; ovation clacks; clappers; dampers; flaps
bifall acclaim; applause; cheer; ovation acclaim; approval; assent; endorsement; finds general favour
hurrarop cheer
huurarop acclaim; applause; cheer; ovation
jubelrop cheer
ovation acclaim; applause; cheer; ovation
stimulera encouragements
uppmaning cheer; consolation; encouragement instigation; stimulation
uppmuntra encouragements
uppmuntran cheer; consolation; encouragement cheers; encouragement; encouraging; exhortations; help; incitements; putting on; stay; stimulation; stimulations; support; switching on; turning on; turning up; urging; urging on
utrop av glädje cheer; shout of joy; whoop of delight
- cheerfulness; sunniness; sunshine
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fröjda brighten; charm; cheer; delight; enchant; fascinate; gladden; make happy; ravish
glädja brighten; charm; cheer; delight; enchant; fascinate; gladden; make happy; ravish gladden; make someone glad; make someone happy; oblige someone with
inspirera acclaim; applaud; cheer; hurray animate; inspire; prompt; strike into
liva upp brighten; charm; cheer; delight; enchant; fascinate; gladden; make happy; ravish
stimulera acclaim; applaud; cheer; hurray activate; aggravate; arouse; awake; encourage; encourage someone; excite; incite; inspire; kick forward; motivate; motivate someone; stimulate; support; urge
uppmuntra acclaim; applaud; cheer; hurray allay; arouse; cheer on; cheer up; comfort; console; encourage; favor; favour; fire; give a pep-talk; gladden; hold a pep-talk; incite; inspire; motivate; provoke; put someone on to something; reassure; set at ease; slide in front; solace; soothe; stimulate; strike into; urge
- barrack; cheer up; chirk up; embolden; exhort; hearten; inspire; jolly along; jolly up; pep up; recreate; root on; urge; urge on
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bravorop cheer
glädja give..pleasure; make..happy
leve cheer; viva; vivat
leverop cheer
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uppmuntra cheered up

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Related Definitions for "cheer":

  1. the quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom1
  2. a cry or shout of approval1
  3. show approval or good wishes by shouting1
    • everybody cheered the birthday boy1
  4. spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts1
    • The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers1
  5. become cheerful1
  6. cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful1
  7. give encouragement to1

Wiktionary Translations for cheer:

  1. To shout a cheer or cheers
  1. A cry of "hurrah", "hurray", "yeah", or some other word expressing joy

Cross Translation:
cheer heja på; heja anfeuern — jemanden motivieren; jemanden durch Gesten (meist Zurufe) antreiben etwas erfolgreich zu beenden/durchzuführen
cheer inge mod; uppmuntra ermutigen — jemandem zureden, etwas zu tun
cheer jubla jubelnlautstark Freude ausdrücken
cheer hylla; bifallsrop; acklamation acclamationcri de joie ou d’enthousiasme qu’exciter une action ou une personne.

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