Detailed Translations for curse from English to Swedish


curse [the ~] noun

  1. the curse (malediction; anathema; imprecation; swear-word)

to curse verb (curses, cursed, cursing)

  1. to curse (swear)
    svära; förbanna
    • svära verb (svärar, svärade, svärat)
    • förbanna verb (förbannar, förbannade, förbannat)
  2. to curse (damn)
    fördöma; förbanna; svärja
    • fördöma verb (fördömer, fördömde, fördömt)
    • förbanna verb (förbannar, förbannade, förbannat)
    • svärja verb (svärjar, svärjade, svärjat)
  3. to curse (rage; swear; storm)
    svära; rasa; storma; förbanna
    • svära verb (svärar, svärade, svärat)
    • rasa verb (rasar, rasade, rasat)
    • storma verb (stormar, stormade, stormat)
    • förbanna verb (förbannar, förbannade, förbannat)

Conjugations for curse:

  1. curse
  2. curse
  3. curses
  4. curse
  5. curse
  6. curse
simple past
  1. cursed
  2. cursed
  3. cursed
  4. cursed
  5. cursed
  6. cursed
present perfect
  1. have cursed
  2. have cursed
  3. has cursed
  4. have cursed
  5. have cursed
  6. have cursed
past continuous
  1. was cursing
  2. were cursing
  3. was cursing
  4. were cursing
  5. were cursing
  6. were cursing
  1. shall curse
  2. will curse
  3. will curse
  4. shall curse
  5. will curse
  6. will curse
continuous present
  1. am cursing
  2. are cursing
  3. is cursing
  4. are cursing
  5. are cursing
  6. are cursing
  1. be cursed
  2. be cursed
  3. be cursed
  4. be cursed
  5. be cursed
  6. be cursed
  1. curse!
  2. let's curse!
  3. cursed
  4. cursing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for curse:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förbanna ban; excommunication
förbannelse anathema; curse; imprecation; malediction; swear-word damnation
- bane; condemnation; curse word; cuss; execration; expletive; hex; jinx; nemesis; oath; scourge; swearing; swearword; torment; whammy
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förbanna curse; damn; rage; storm; swear ban; banish; dispel; drive away; drive off; drive out; exile; exorcise; exorcize; expel; ostracise; ostracize; repel
fördöma curse; damn castigate; condemn; convict; decry; denounce; disclose; give away; inform against; peach; report; reveal; sentence; squeal; tell tales
rasa curse; rage; storm; swear bawl; be furious; cave in; fall away; go off the deep end; let someone have it; plummet; rage; rant; rant & rage; rave; romp; scream; slump; storm; take a plunge; thunder; to be furious; yell
storma curse; rage; storm; swear assault; attack; go off the deep end; lay violent hands upon; rage; raid; rave; rush; storm; thunder; to be furious; violate
svära curse; rage; storm; swear swear; swear an oath; swear in; use dirty language; use shabby language
svärja curse; damn make an oath; swear; swear an oath
- anathemise; anathemize; bedamn; beshrew; blaspheme; cuss; damn; excommunicate; imprecate; maledict; swear; unchurch

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Related Definitions for "curse":

  1. profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger1
  2. an evil spell1
    • a witch put a curse on his whole family1
  3. an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group1
  4. a severe affliction1
  5. something causing misery or death1
  6. utter obscenities or profanities1
    • The drunken men were cursing loudly in the street1
  7. wish harm upon; invoke evil upon1
    • The bad witch cursed the child1
  8. heap obscenities upon1
    • The taxi driver who felt he didn't get a high enough tip cursed the passenger1
  9. exclude from a church or a religious community1

Wiktionary Translations for curse:

  1. to use offensive language
  2. to swear, to utter a vulgar curse
  3. to place a curse upon
  1. vulgar epithet
  2. woman's monthly period
  3. supernatural detriment

Cross Translation:
curse förbannelse Fluch — (im Zorn) gesagte Verwünschung
curse svära fluchenSchimpfwort benutzen
curse skälla schimpfen — (intransitiv) mit aggressiven oder beleidigenden Worten tadeln
curse förolämpning; förnärmelse affrontoutrage fait en face, soit en paroles, être en action.
curse svära blasphémerproférer un blasphème ou des blasphèmes.
curse förolämpa insulteroutrager de fait ou de parole, avec dessein préméditer d’offenser.
curse förbannelse malédiction — Action de maudire, résultat de cette action (1)
curse förbanna; fördöma maudirelancer des imprécations contre quelqu’un pour qu’il lui arriver du mal.

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