Detailed Translations for diatribe from English to Swedish


diatribe [the ~] noun

  1. the diatribe (sneering remarks; gibes; derision; )
  2. the diatribe (invective; abusive speech)
    glåpord; smädelse
  3. the diatribe (abusive speech)

Translation Matrix for diatribe:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
glåpord abusive speech; diatribe; invective
hånfulla kommentarer contumely; derision; diatribe; gibes; jeery words; sneering remarks; taunts
hård tal abusive speech; diatribe
ovettig abusive speech; diatribe
smädelse abusive speech; diatribe; invective hurt; injury; offence; offense
- fulmination

Related Words for "diatribe":

  • diatribes

Synonyms for "diatribe":

Related Definitions for "diatribe":

  1. thunderous verbal attack1