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Detailed Translations for dictate from English to Swedish


to dictate verb (dictates, dictated, dictating)

  1. to dictate (instruct; direct; order; bid)
    föreskriva; diktera; förestava
    • föreskriva verb (föreskriver, föreskrev, föreskrivit)
    • diktera verb (dikterar, dikterade, dikterat)
    • förestava verb (förestavar, förestavade, förestavat)
  2. to dictate (order)
    • diktera verb (dikterar, dikterade, dikterat)
  3. to dictate (decree; dedicate; commission; )
    påbjuda; kungöra
    • påbjuda verb (påbjuder, påbjöd, påbjudit)
    • kungöra verb (kungörar, kungjorde, kungjort)
  4. to dictate (dictate a letter; order)
    diktera; diktera ett brev
    • diktera verb (dikterar, dikterade, dikterat)
    • diktera ett brev verb (dikterar ett brev, dikterade ett brev, dikterat ett brev)

Conjugations for dictate:

  1. dictate
  2. dictate
  3. dictates
  4. dictate
  5. dictate
  6. dictate
simple past
  1. dictated
  2. dictated
  3. dictated
  4. dictated
  5. dictated
  6. dictated
present perfect
  1. have dictated
  2. have dictated
  3. has dictated
  4. have dictated
  5. have dictated
  6. have dictated
past continuous
  1. was dictating
  2. were dictating
  3. was dictating
  4. were dictating
  5. were dictating
  6. were dictating
  1. shall dictate
  2. will dictate
  3. will dictate
  4. shall dictate
  5. will dictate
  6. will dictate
continuous present
  1. am dictating
  2. are dictating
  3. is dictating
  4. are dictating
  5. are dictating
  6. are dictating
  1. be dictated
  2. be dictated
  3. be dictated
  4. be dictated
  5. be dictated
  6. be dictated
  1. dictate!
  2. let's dictate!
  3. dictated
  4. dictating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. dictate (decree)
  2. dictate

Translation Matrix for dictate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
diktera bid; dictate; dictate a letter; direct; instruct; order
diktera ett brev dictate; dictate a letter; order
föreskriva bid; dictate; direct; instruct; order
förestava bid; dictate; direct; instruct; order
kungöra charge; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; exert power; force; order; rule announce; call; give notice of; inform; proclaim; to declare; to decree; to ordain
påbjuda charge; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; exert power; force; order; rule call; decree; give notice of; ordain; order; proclaim
- order; prescribe
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dekretera decree; dictate
diktat dictate

Related Words for "dictate":

Synonyms for "dictate":

Related Definitions for "dictate":

  1. a guiding principle1
    • the dictates of reason1
  2. an authoritative rule1
  3. say out loud for the purpose of recording1
    • He dictated a report to his secretary1
  4. issue commands or orders for1
  5. rule as a dictator1

Wiktionary Translations for dictate:

Cross Translation:
dictate diktera diktierentransitiv; etwas diktieren: etwas zur Niederschrift vorsprechen
dictate befalla; påbjuda commander — Ordonner, enjoindre quelque chose à quelqu’un. (Sens général).
dictate diktera dicterprononcer mot à mot une phrase ou une suite de phraser, pour qu’une ou plusieurs autres personnes l’écrire.

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