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Detailed Translations for die out from English to Swedish

die out:

to die out verb (dies out, died out, dying out)

  1. to die out (become extinct; extinguish; snuff; )
    ; dö ut
    • verb (dör, dog, dött)
    • dö ut verb (dör ut, dog ut, dött ut)
  2. to die out (become extinct)
    dö ut; bli utrotad
    • dö ut verb (dör ut, dog ut, dött ut)
    • bli utrotad verb (blir utrotad, blev utrotad, blivit utrotad)

Conjugations for die out:

  1. die out
  2. die out
  3. dies out
  4. die out
  5. die out
  6. die out
simple past
  1. died out
  2. died out
  3. died out
  4. died out
  5. died out
  6. died out
present perfect
  1. have died out
  2. have died out
  3. has died out
  4. have died out
  5. have died out
  6. have died out
past continuous
  1. was dying out
  2. were dying out
  3. was dying out
  4. were dying out
  5. were dying out
  6. were dying out
  1. shall die out
  2. will die out
  3. will die out
  4. shall die out
  5. will die out
  6. will die out
continuous present
  1. am dying out
  2. are dying out
  3. is dying out
  4. are dying out
  5. are dying out
  6. are dying out
  1. be died out
  2. be died out
  3. be died out
  4. be died out
  5. be died out
  6. be died out
  1. die out!
  2. let's die out!
  3. died out
  4. dying out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for die out:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bli utrotad become extinct; die out
become extinct; die of fear; die out; extinguish; peg out; pinch out; snuff be killed; be killed in action; be on one's deathbed; decease; depart this earth; depart this life; die; expire; fall; pass away; perish; succumb; wilt; wither
dö ut become extinct; die of fear; die out; extinguish; peg out; pinch out; snuff
- die; die off

Synonyms for "die out":

Related Definitions for "die out":

  1. become extinct1
  2. cut or shape with a die1

Wiktionary Translations for die out:

Cross Translation:
die out dö ut aussterben — Durch das Fehlen von Nachkommen aufhören zu existieren
die out dö ut erlöschen — das Aussterben einer Familie

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