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  1. earn wages:


Detailed Translations for earn wages from English to Swedish

earn wages:

to earn wages verb (earns wages, earned wages, earning wages)

  1. to earn wages (earn)
    tjäna lön
    • tjäna lön verb (tjänar lön, tjänade lön, tjänat lön)
  2. to earn wages (earn)
    tjäna; tjäna pengar
    • tjäna verb (tjänar, tjänade, tjänat)
    • tjäna pengar verb (tjänar pengar, tjänade pengar, tjänat pengar)

Conjugations for earn wages:

  1. earn wages
  2. earn wages
  3. earns wages
  4. earn wages
  5. earn wages
  6. earn wages
simple past
  1. earned wages
  2. earned wages
  3. earned wages
  4. earned wages
  5. earned wages
  6. earned wages
present perfect
  1. have earned wages
  2. have earned wages
  3. has earned wages
  4. have earned wages
  5. have earned wages
  6. have earned wages
past continuous
  1. was earning wages
  2. were earning wages
  3. was earning wages
  4. were earning wages
  5. were earning wages
  6. were earning wages
  1. shall earn wages
  2. will earn wages
  3. will earn wages
  4. shall earn wages
  5. will earn wages
  6. will earn wages
continuous present
  1. am earning wages
  2. are earning wages
  3. is earning wages
  4. are earning wages
  5. are earning wages
  6. are earning wages
  1. be earned wages
  2. be earned wages
  3. be earned wages
  4. be earned wages
  5. be earned wages
  6. be earned wages
  1. earn wages!
  2. let's earn wages!
  3. earned wages
  4. earning wages
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for earn wages:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tjäna earn; earn wages be deserving of; deserve; earn a living; earn one's bread; make a living; make a profit; serve
tjäna lön earn; earn wages
tjäna pengar earn; earn wages bring in money

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