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Detailed Translations for emphatic from English to Swedish


Translation Matrix for emphatic:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- emphasised; emphasized; exclamatory; forceful
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kraftigt forcefully; powerfully
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bestämd emphatic; explicit; with emphasis bold; brisk; courageous; decided; decisive; determined; emphatitic; firm; resolute; sympathetic; unshakable
bestämt emphatic; explicit; with emphasis bold; brisk; courageous; decisive; determined; emphatitic; estimated; firm; fixed; rated; resolute; sympathetic; unshakable
betonad emphatic; pointed
betonat emphatic; pointed submitted
eftertryckligt emphatic; explicit; with emphasis emphatitic; impressive; respectable; sympathetic
emfatisk emphatic; explicit; with emphasis
emfatiskt emphatic; explicit; pointed; with emphasis
kraftigt emphatic; explicit; with emphasis big-boned; burly; detailed; drastic; effective; elaborate; energetic; energetically; extensive; fierce; forceful; full of life; heavily built; heavily-built; heavy; heavyset; hefty; intense; large-limbed; massive; obese; potent; powerful; robust; severe; stocky; stout; strapping; strong; sturdy; tough; vehement; vigorous; violent; vital; voluminous
med emfas emphatic

Related Words for "emphatic":

  • unemphatic

Synonyms for "emphatic":

Related Definitions for "emphatic":

  1. forceful and definite in expression or action1
    • the document contained a particularly emphatic guarantee of religious liberty1
  2. sudden and strong1
    • an emphatic no1
  3. spoken with emphasis1
    • an emphatic word1

Wiktionary Translations for emphatic:

  1. stated with conviction
  2. characterized by emphasis

Cross Translation:
emphatic emfatisk emphatisch — mit Nachdruck