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  1. exonerate:


Detailed Translations for exonerate from English to Swedish


exonerate verb

  1. exonerate (clear; exculpate)
    frikänna; fritaga; rentvå
    • frikänna verb (frikänner, frikände, frikänt)
    • fritaga verb (fritager, fritog, fritagit)
    • rentvå verb (rentvår, rentvådde, rentvått)

Translation Matrix for exonerate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
frikänna clear; exculpate; exonerate
fritaga clear; exculpate; exonerate
rentvå clear; exculpate; exonerate
- acquit; assoil; clear; discharge; exculpate

Related Words for "exonerate":

  • exonerating, exoneration

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Related Definitions for "exonerate":

  1. pronounce not guilty of criminal charges1