Detailed Translations for firebrand from English to Swedish


firebrand [the ~] noun

  1. the firebrand (distiller; stoker)
  2. the firebrand (hot-headed person; hothead; hot-head)
  3. the firebrand (agitator; instigator)
    rebell; provokatör; uppviglare; hetsare; orosstiftare
  4. the firebrand (troublemaker)

Translation Matrix for firebrand:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brännvinsbrännare distiller; firebrand; stoker
bråkmakare firebrand; troublemaker Hell's Angel; Teddy boy; brawler; bruiser; discord sower; disturber of the peace; hooligan; loudmouth; noisy fellow; peace-breaker; quarreler; quarreller; quarrelsome person; rioter; roisterer; rowdy; rowdy person; trouble maker; troublemaker
destillator distiller; firebrand; stoker
hembrännare distiller; firebrand; stoker
hethuvud firebrand; hot-head; hot-headed person; hothead
hetsare agitator; firebrand; instigator baiter
orosstiftare agitator; firebrand; instigator agitator; disturber of the peace; firebrands; noisy fellow; peace-breaker; rioter; roisterer; rowdy; troublemaker
provokatör agitator; firebrand; instigator
rebell agitator; firebrand; instigator agitator; insurgent; mutineer; rebel; revolutionary; rioter
uppviglare agitator; firebrand; instigator agitator; firebrands; instigator; rabble; scum
- brand; inciter; instigant; instigator; provoker

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  1. someone who deliberately foments trouble1
  2. a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning1