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Detailed Translations for get off from English to Swedish

get off:

to get off verb (gets off, got off, getting off)

  1. to get off (step out; get out)
    – leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc. 1
    kliva ur; kliva av
    • kliva ur verb (kliver ur, klev ur, klivit ur)
    • kliva av verb (kliver av, klev av, klivit av)
  2. to get off (be liberated; fall vacant; come out; be freed from)
    bli befriad; komma loss; befrias från
    • bli befriad verb (blir befriad, blev befriad, blivit befriad)
    • komma loss verb (kommer loss, komm loss, kommit loss)
    • befrias från verb (befrias från, befriades från, befriats från)
  3. to get off (step down; step out)
    gå av; kliva ned
    • gå av verb (går av, gick av, gått av)
    • kliva ned verb (kliver ned, klev ned, klivit ned)
  4. to get off (come off; give way)
    lämna; lägga av; kliva av
    • lämna verb (lämnar, lämnade, lämnat)
    • lägga av verb (lägger av, lade av, lagt av)
    • kliva av verb (kliver av, klev av, klivit av)
  5. to get off (climb down; dismount)
    klättra ner; stiga ner
    • klättra ner verb (klättrar ner, klättrade ner, klättrat ner)
    • stiga ner verb (stiger ner, steg ner, stigit ner)

Conjugations for get off:

  1. get off
  2. get off
  3. gets off
  4. get off
  5. get off
  6. get off
simple past
  1. got off
  2. got off
  3. got off
  4. got off
  5. got off
  6. got off
present perfect
  1. have gotten off
  2. have gotten off
  3. has gotten off
  4. have gotten off
  5. have gotten off
  6. have gotten off
past continuous
  1. was getting off
  2. were getting off
  3. was getting off
  4. were getting off
  5. were getting off
  6. were getting off
  1. shall get off
  2. will get off
  3. will get off
  4. shall get off
  5. will get off
  6. will get off
continuous present
  1. am getting off
  2. are getting off
  3. is getting off
  4. are getting off
  5. are getting off
  6. are getting off
  1. be gotten off
  2. be gotten off
  3. be gotten off
  4. be gotten off
  5. be gotten off
  6. be gotten off
  1. get off!
  2. let's get off!
  3. gotten off
  4. getting off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for get off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lämna depart; leave; leaving
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
befrias från be freed from; be liberated; come out; fall vacant; get off
bli befriad be freed from; be liberated; come out; fall vacant; get off
gå av get off; step down; step out break; crack; snap
kliva av come off; get off; get out; give way; step out climb off
kliva ned get off; step down; step out
kliva ur get off; get out; step out
klättra ner climb down; dismount; get off climb down
komma loss be freed from; be liberated; come out; fall vacant; get off become loose; come off; get loose; give way; loosen
lägga av come off; get off; give way allocate; drop out; make reservations; pull out; put aside; put away; quit; reserve; set aside
lämna come off; get off; give way abandon; break up; bring; bring around; deliver; depart; furnish; give up; go; go away; leave; provide; put up for shipment; relinquish; renunciate; send; ship; supply
stiga ner climb down; dismount; get off
- dismount; escape; get away; get by; get down; get out; hop out; light; mail; send; send off; trip; trip out; turn on; unhorse

Synonyms for "get off":

Antonyms for "get off":

Related Definitions for "get off":

  1. escape potentially unpleasant consequences; get away with a forbidden action1
  2. cause to be acquitted; get off the hook; in a legal case1
  3. deliver verbally1
  4. transfer1
  5. get high, stoned, or drugged1
  6. send via the postal service1
  7. get out of quickly1
  8. alight from (a horse)1
  9. leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc.1
  10. enjoy in a sexual way1
  11. be relieved of one's duties temporarily1

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Cross Translation:
get off dala descendreTraductions à trier suivant le sens.

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