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Detailed Translations for hasten from English to Swedish


to hasten verb (hastens, hastened, hastening)

  1. to hasten (accelerate; speed up; quicken)
    • accelerera verb (accelererar, accelererade, accelererat)
  2. to hasten (hurry; rush; hurry up)
    brådska; rusa; ila; skynda på
    • brådska verb (brådskar, brådskade, brådskat)
    • rusa verb (rusar, rusade, rusat)
    • ila verb (ilar, ilade, ilat)
    • skynda på verb (skyndar på, skyndade på, skyndat på)
  3. to hasten (rush; hurry; move it)
    • skynda verb (skyndar, skyndade, skyndat)
  4. to hasten (rush; hurry; speed up; haste)
    skynda; hasta
    • skynda verb (skyndar, skyndade, skyndat)
    • hasta verb (hastar, hastade, hastat)
  5. to hasten (get a move on; hurry; rush)
    rusa; skynda; ila; hasta
    • rusa verb (rusar, rusade, rusat)
    • skynda verb (skyndar, skyndade, skyndat)
    • ila verb (ilar, ilade, ilat)
    • hasta verb (hastar, hastade, hastat)

Conjugations for hasten:

  1. hasten
  2. hasten
  3. hastens
  4. hasten
  5. hasten
  6. hasten
simple past
  1. hastened
  2. hastened
  3. hastened
  4. hastened
  5. hastened
  6. hastened
present perfect
  1. have hastened
  2. have hastened
  3. has hastened
  4. have hastened
  5. have hastened
  6. have hastened
past continuous
  1. was hastening
  2. were hastening
  3. was hastening
  4. were hastening
  5. were hastening
  6. were hastening
  1. shall hasten
  2. will hasten
  3. will hasten
  4. shall hasten
  5. will hasten
  6. will hasten
continuous present
  1. am hastening
  2. are hastening
  3. is hastening
  4. are hastening
  5. are hastening
  6. are hastening
  1. be hastened
  2. be hastened
  3. be hastened
  4. be hastened
  5. be hastened
  6. be hastened
  1. hasten!
  2. let's hasten!
  3. hastened
  4. hastening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for hasten:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brådska babbling; bustle; buzz; din; flow; haste; hastiness; hum; hurry; influx; murmuring; muttering; overhaste; quickness; rush; squash; stampede
rusa dash; shot; splash; squeeze
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accelerera accelerate; hasten; quicken; speed up accelerate
brådska hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush
hasta get a move on; haste; hasten; hurry; rush; speed up hurry; make haste; rouse; rush; storm
ila get a move on; hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush hurry; make haste; race; rouse; run; rush; sprint; storm
rusa get a move on; hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush hurry; make haste; rouse; rush; storm
skynda get a move on; haste; hasten; hurry; move it; rush; speed up hurry; make haste; rouse
skynda på hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush drive; goad; irritate; nettle; stimulate; whip up
- expedite; festinate; hurry; induce; look sharp; rush; stimulate

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Related Definitions for "hasten":

  1. act or move at high speed1
  2. cause to occur rapidly1
  3. speed up the progress of; facilitate1

Wiktionary Translations for hasten:

  1. to make someone/something speed up
  2. to move in a quick fashion

Cross Translation:
hasten jäkta dépêcher — Se hâter (Sens général)
hasten trycka presserexercer une pression, serrer plus ou moins fort.