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Detailed Translations for heightening from English to Swedish



  1. heightening (increase; intensification; rise)

Translation Matrix for heightening:

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stegring heightening; increase; intensification; rise jump

Related Words for "heightening":

Synonyms for "heightening":

  • intensifying

Related Definitions for "heightening":

  1. reaching a higher intensity1
    • their heightening fears1

Wiktionary Translations for heightening:

Cross Translation:
heightening höjande Erhöhung — das Erhöhen, das Höhermachen von etwas
heightening höjning Erhöhungallgemein: Steigerung, Vergrößerung, Verstärkung


to heighten verb (heightens, heightened, heightening)

  1. to heighten (raise; enhance)
    – increase 1
    resa sig; höjas; stegras
    • resa sig verb (reser sig, reste sig, rest sig)
    • höjas verb (höjsar, höjsade, höjsat)
    • stegras verb (stegras, stegrades, stegrats)
  2. to heighten (elevate; raise)
    – increase the height of 1
    upphöja; höja; resa
    • upphöja verb (upphöjer, upphöjde, upphöjt)
    • höja verb (höjer, höjde, höjt)
    • resa verb (reser, reste, rest)
  3. to heighten (exaggerate; blow up; overdo)
    överdriva; blåsa upp; ta till i överkant
    • överdriva verb (överdrivar, överdrivade, överdrivat)
    • blåsa upp verb (blåser upp, blåste upp, blåst upp)
    • ta till i överkant verb (tar till i överkant, tog till i överkant, tagit till i överkant)

Conjugations for heighten:

  1. heighten
  2. heighten
  3. heightens
  4. heighten
  5. heighten
  6. heighten
simple past
  1. heightened
  2. heightened
  3. heightened
  4. heightened
  5. heightened
  6. heightened
present perfect
  1. have heightened
  2. have heightened
  3. has heightened
  4. have heightened
  5. have heightened
  6. have heightened
past continuous
  1. was heightening
  2. were heightening
  3. was heightening
  4. were heightening
  5. were heightening
  6. were heightening
  1. shall heighten
  2. will heighten
  3. will heighten
  4. shall heighten
  5. will heighten
  6. will heighten
continuous present
  1. am heightening
  2. are heightening
  3. is heightening
  4. are heightening
  5. are heightening
  6. are heightening
  1. be heightened
  2. be heightened
  3. be heightened
  4. be heightened
  5. be heightened
  6. be heightened
  1. heighten!
  2. let's heighten!
  3. heightened
  4. heightening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. heighten (increase; aggravate; raise)

Translation Matrix for heighten:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
resa drive; excursion; expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; outing; tour; travel; trip; voyage
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blåsa upp blow up; exaggerate; heighten; overdo blow open; blow the fire; fan a flame; puff up
höja elevate; heighten; raise heave; lift up; raise
höjas enhance; heighten; raise rise
resa elevate; heighten; raise erect; put upright; raise
resa sig enhance; heighten; raise arise; ascent; come up; grow; mutiny; rebel; revolt; rise; rise up; stand up
stegras enhance; heighten; raise
ta till i överkant blow up; exaggerate; heighten; overdo
upphöja elevate; heighten; raise
överdriva blow up; exaggerate; heighten; overdo blow out of proportions; blow up; boast; brag; exagerate; exaggerate; expand; overdo; talk big
- compound; deepen; enhance; intensify; raise; rise; sharpen
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
stegra aggravate; heighten; increase; raise increase; raise

Related Words for "heighten":

Synonyms for "heighten":

Related Definitions for "heighten":

  1. make more intense, stronger, or more marked1
    • Pot smokers claim it heightens their awareness1
  2. increase1
    • heighten the tension1
  3. make (one's senses) more acute1
  4. make more extreme; raise in quantity, degree, or intensity1
    • heightened interest1
  5. become more extreme1
    • The tension heightened1
  6. increase the height of1
    • The athletes kept jumping over the steadily heightened bars1

Wiktionary Translations for heighten:

Cross Translation:
heighten försämra; förvärra aggraverrendre plus grave.
heighten förstora; gro; växa augmenterrendre une quantité plus grande.
heighten hissa; upphisa; upphäva; upphöja élever — Traductions à trier suivant le sens