Detailed Translations for hint from English to Swedish


hint [the ~] noun

  1. the hint (tip; pointer; lead; )
    hint; ledtråd; tips
  2. the hint (clue; lead; tip)
    spår; tips; ledtråd; indikation; fingervisning
  3. the hint (touch; semblance; small trace; trace; tending to)
    ton; aning; anstrykning
  4. the hint (allusion; reference; innuendo)
    allusion; hänsyftning; anspelning
  5. the hint (little bit; semblance; small trace; trace)
  6. the hint (insinuation; allusion; innuendo; accusation; a charge against)

to hint verb (hints, hinted, hinting)

  1. to hint
    • antyda verb (antydar, antydade, antydat)

Conjugations for hint:

  1. hint
  2. hint
  3. hints
  4. hint
  5. hint
  6. hint
simple past
  1. hinted
  2. hinted
  3. hinted
  4. hinted
  5. hinted
  6. hinted
present perfect
  1. have hinted
  2. have hinted
  3. has hinted
  4. have hinted
  5. have hinted
  6. have hinted
past continuous
  1. was hinting
  2. were hinting
  3. was hinting
  4. were hinting
  5. were hinting
  6. were hinting
  1. shall hint
  2. will hint
  3. will hint
  4. shall hint
  5. will hint
  6. will hint
continuous present
  1. am hinting
  2. are hinting
  3. is hinting
  4. are hinting
  5. are hinting
  6. are hinting
  1. be hinted
  2. be hinted
  3. be hinted
  4. be hinted
  5. be hinted
  6. be hinted
  1. hint!
  2. let's hint!
  3. hinted
  4. hinting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. hint (intimate)

Translation Matrix for hint:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
allusion allusion; hint; innuendo; reference
aning hint; semblance; small trace; tending to; touch; trace awareness; consciousness; idea; notion; realisation; realization
anklagan a charge against; accusation; allusion; hint; innuendo; insinuation
anspelning allusion; hint; innuendo; reference
anstrykning hint; semblance; small trace; tending to; touch; trace
antydan a charge against; accusation; allusion; hint; innuendo; insinuation
en liten bit hint; little bit; semblance; small trace; trace little bit; short drive
fingervisning clue; hint; lead; tip hand; pointer
hint clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off
hänsyftning allusion; hint; innuendo; reference
indikation clue; hint; lead; tip evidence; indication; omen; sign; symptom
insinuation a charge against; accusation; allusion; hint; innuendo; insinuation
ledtråd clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off directory; handbook
spår clue; hint; lead; tip audio track; course; grooves; hollows; switch; track
tips clue; cue; hint; lead; pointer; tip; tip-off hand; pointer
ton hint; semblance; small trace; tending to; touch; trace intonation; musical note; note; pitch; sound; timber; timbre; tint; tone
- breath; clue; confidential information; intimation; jot; lead; mite; pinch; soupcon; speck; steer; suggestion; tinge; tip; tip-off; touch; trace; wind
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
antyda hint implicate; imply
- suggest
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
påskina hint; intimate
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
en liten bit bit; slightly

Related Words for "hint":

  • hinting, hints, hinter

Synonyms for "hint":

Related Definitions for "hint":

  1. an indication of potential opportunity1
  2. a slight indication1
  3. an indirect suggestion1
  4. a just detectable amount1
  5. a slight but appreciable amount1
  6. drop a hint; intimate by a hint1
  7. An option or strategy specified for enforcement by the SQL Server query processor on SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements. The hint overrides any execution plan the query optimizer might select for a query.2

Wiktionary Translations for hint:

  1. a tiny amount of
  2. a tacit suggestion that avoids a direct statement
  3. clue

Cross Translation:
hint hänvisning; tips Hinweis — die Handlung, jemanden auf etwas aufmerksam zu machen
hint tecken; indikation Hinweis — etwas, das jemanden auf etwas aufmerksam macht
hint antyda andeuten — (transitiv) durch einen Hinweis zu verstehen geben, ohne es direkt auszusprechen
hint inspirera; inandas; ingiva; råda inspirerfaire pénétrer artificiellement de l’air dans les poumons.

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