Detailed Translations for imitate from English to Swedish


to imitate verb (imitates, imitated, imitating)

  1. to imitate (follow)
    följa; efterfölja; imitera
    • följa verb (följer, följde, följt)
    • efterfölja verb (efterföljer, efterföljde, efterföljt)
    • imitera verb (imiterar, imiterade, imiterat)
  2. to imitate (take off; copy)
    efterhärma; kopiera; imitera; ta efter; efterapa
    • efterhärma verb (efterhärmar, efterhärmade, efterhärmat)
    • kopiera verb (kopierar, kopierade, kopierat)
    • imitera verb (imiterar, imiterade, imiterat)
    • ta efter verb (tar efter, tog efter, tagit efter)
    • efterapa verb (efterapar, efterapade, efterapat)
  3. to imitate (copy)
    härma; kopiera; imitera
    • härma verb (härmar, härmade, härmat)
    • kopiera verb (kopierar, kopierade, kopierat)
    • imitera verb (imiterar, imiterade, imiterat)
  4. to imitate
    efterapa; imitera
    • efterapa verb (efterapar, efterapade, efterapat)
    • imitera verb (imiterar, imiterade, imiterat)
  5. to imitate (falsify; forge; counterfeit)
    förfalska; imitera; falsifiera
    • förfalska verb (förfalskar, förfalskade, förfalskat)
    • imitera verb (imiterar, imiterade, imiterat)
    • falsifiera verb (falsifierar, falsifierade, falsifierat)

Conjugations for imitate:

  1. imitate
  2. imitate
  3. imitates
  4. imitate
  5. imitate
  6. imitate
simple past
  1. imitated
  2. imitated
  3. imitated
  4. imitated
  5. imitated
  6. imitated
present perfect
  1. have imitated
  2. have imitated
  3. has imitated
  4. have imitated
  5. have imitated
  6. have imitated
past continuous
  1. was imitating
  2. were imitating
  3. was imitating
  4. were imitating
  5. were imitating
  6. were imitating
  1. shall imitate
  2. will imitate
  3. will imitate
  4. shall imitate
  5. will imitate
  6. will imitate
continuous present
  1. am imitating
  2. are imitating
  3. is imitating
  4. are imitating
  5. are imitating
  6. are imitating
  1. be imitated
  2. be imitated
  3. be imitated
  4. be imitated
  5. be imitated
  6. be imitated
  1. imitate!
  2. let's imitate!
  3. imitated
  4. imitating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. imitate (copy)
  2. imitate

Translation Matrix for imitate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kopiera copying
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
efterapa copy; imitate; take off
efterfölja follow; imitate
efterhärma copy; imitate; take off
falsifiera counterfeit; falsify; forge; imitate
följa follow; imitate accompany; chaperon; chase; come along with; comply with; conduct; escort; follow; live up to; track; walk along
förfalska counterfeit; falsify; forge; imitate
härma copy; imitate
imitera copy; counterfeit; falsify; follow; forge; imitate; take off
kopiera copy; imitate; take off copy; crib; duplicate; make a copy; make a copy of; multiply; stencil
ta efter copy; imitate; take off
- copy; simulate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
efterbilda copy; imitate
efterlikna imitate

Related Words for "imitate":

Synonyms for "imitate":

Related Definitions for "imitate":

  1. make a reproduction or copy of1
  2. reproduce someone's behavior or looks1
    • The mime imitated the passers-by1
  3. appear like, as in behavior or appearance1
    • Life imitate art1

Wiktionary Translations for imitate:

  1. to follow as a model

Cross Translation:
imitate härma; efterapa nadoen — doen wat iemand anders doet
imitate härma; efterapa na-apen — doen wat iemand anders doet
imitate härma; efterapa imiteren — doen wat iemand anders doet
imitate imitera imitieren — etwas nach dem Muster, Vorbild von etwas Anderem tun
imitate apa efter; härma nachäffen — (transitiv) jemanden oder etwas in übertriebener Weise nachahmen
imitate efterbilda; imitera imiter — Traductions à trier suivant le sens