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loss [the ~] noun

  1. the loss (damage; detriment; harm; injury; harming)
    skada; förlust
  2. the loss (damage; disadvantage)
    skada; skadegörelse
  3. the loss (demerit; bereavement; disadvantage; suffering; contra)
    skada; förlust; motgång
  4. the loss
  5. the loss
  6. the loss (damage; injury; harm; harming)

Translation Matrix for loss:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förlora loss defeat; let down
förlust bereavement; contra; damage; demerit; detriment; disadvantage; harm; harming; injury; loss; suffering defeat; forfeiture; let down
motgång bereavement; contra; demerit; disadvantage; loss; suffering adversity; bad luck; misfortune; reverse; trouble
skada bereavement; contra; damage; demerit; detriment; disadvantage; harm; harming; injury; loss; suffering affecting; damage; damaging; defamation; harming; hurt; injuring; injury; offence; offense; wound
skadegörelse damage; disadvantage; loss
underskott loss deficiency; deficit; insufficiency; lack; shortage; shortcoming; shortcomings; shortfall
- departure; deprivation; exit; expiration; going; passing; personnel casualty; red; red ink; release
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förlora forfeit; lose
skada ache; aggrieve; attack; bruise; cause damage; contuse; damage; detrimental; disadvantageous; dishonor; dishonour; do harm; erode; harm; hurt; injure; offend; rape; ravish; spoil; torment; torture; violate; wound
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förlisning loss; shipwreck; wreck
svinn loss; wastage; waste wastage
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
skada a pity; too bad

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  • losses

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Related Definitions for "loss":

  1. the act of losing someone or something1
    • everyone expected him to win so his loss was a shock1
  2. the disadvantage that results from losing something1
    • his loss of credibility led to his resignation1
  3. the experience of losing a loved one1
    • he sympathized on the loss of their grandfather1
  4. euphemistic expressions for death1
  5. military personnel lost by death or capture1
  6. the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue1
    • the company operated at a loss last year1
  7. something that is lost1
    • the car was a total loss1
    • loss of livestock left the rancher bankrupt1
  8. gradual decline in amount or activity1
    • weight loss1
    • a serious loss of business1

Wiktionary Translations for loss:

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Cross Translation:
loss bortfall Ausfall — Versagen, Verschwinden eines Systems oder eines seiner Teile
loss skada; förlust; avbräck Einbuße — (durch Beschädigung beziehungsweise Zufügung materiellen Schadens) völliges oder teilweises Abhandenkommen, Verlorengehen; das völlige oder teilweise Abhandengekommene, Verlorengegangene
loss förlust VerlustÖkonomie: wirtschaftlicher Misserfolg; Gewinneinbußen
loss menlig inverkan; skada Abbruch — ein Schaden, Beeinträchtigung
loss skada; förlust dommage — Perte matérielle; dégât (sens général)
loss skada; åverkan dégâtdommage, détérioration amener par un accident ou une cause violente.
loss förlust perte — Privation de quelque chose de précieux, d’agréable, de commode, qu’on avait. (Sens général).
loss förlust préjudicetort ; dommage.

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