Detailed Translations for make for from English to Swedish

make for:

to make for verb (makes for, made for, making for)

  1. to make for (make fit for)
    iordningställa; preparera
    • iordningställa verb (iordningställer, iordningställde, iordningställt)
    • preparera verb (preparerar, preparerade, preparerat)
  2. to make for (aim at; mean; strive)
    tänka; sikta på; ha avsiktet; sträva efter
    • tänka verb (tänker, tänkte, tänkt)
    • sikta på verb (siktar på, siktade på, siktat på)
    • ha avsiktet verb (har avsiktet, hade avsiktet, haft avsiktet)
    • sträva efter verb (strävar efter, strävade efter, strävat efter)
  3. to make for (head for; go to)
    styra mot
    • styra mot verb (styr mot, styrde mot, styrt mot)
  4. to make for (steer for; head for; sail)
    bege sig till; gå mot; styra kors mot
    • bege sig till verb (beger sig till, begav sig till, begivit sig till)
    • gå mot verb (går mot, gick mot, gått mot)
    • styra kors mot verb (styr kors mot, styrde kors mot, styrt kors mot)

Conjugations for make for:

  1. make for
  2. make for
  3. makes for
  4. make for
  5. make for
  6. make for
simple past
  1. made for
  2. made for
  3. made for
  4. made for
  5. made for
  6. made for
present perfect
  1. have made for
  2. have made for
  3. has made for
  4. have made for
  5. have made for
  6. have made for
past continuous
  1. was making for
  2. were making for
  3. was making for
  4. were making for
  5. were making for
  6. were making for
  1. shall make for
  2. will make for
  3. will make for
  4. shall make for
  5. will make for
  6. will make for
continuous present
  1. am making for
  2. are making for
  3. is making for
  4. are making for
  5. are making for
  6. are making for
  1. be made for
  2. be made for
  3. be made for
  4. be made for
  5. be made for
  6. be made for
  1. make for!
  2. let's make for!
  3. made for
  4. making for
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for make for:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bege sig till head for; make for; sail; steer for
gå mot head for; make for; sail; steer for
ha avsiktet aim at; make for; mean; strive intend; plan; propose; take on
iordningställa make fit for; make for prepare
preparera make fit for; make for fit out; get ready; kit out; make ready; prepare; rig out
sikta på aim at; make for; mean; strive aim at; devote oneself to; mean; work for
sträva efter aim at; make for; mean; strive aim at; aim for; aspire; aspire to; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after; strive for; work towards
styra kors mot head for; make for; sail; steer for
styra mot go to; head for; make for; steer for bear down on; head for
tänka aim at; make for; mean; strive break one's head; brood; cogitate; consider; intend; muse; plan; ponder; propose; puzzle; reflect; take on; think; wonder
- bring; play; work; wreak

Synonyms for "make for":

Related Definitions for "make for":

  1. cause to happen or to occur as a consequence1

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