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  1. move past:


Detailed Translations for move past from English to Swedish

move past:

to move past verb (moves past, moved past, moving past)

  1. to move past (pass; overtake; ride past; sail past)
    passera; gå igenom; gå förbi
    • passera verb (passerar, passerade, passerat)
    • gå igenom verb (går igenom, gick igenom, gått igenom)
    • gå förbi verb (går förbi, gick förbi, gått förbi)

Conjugations for move past:

  1. move past
  2. move past
  3. moves past
  4. move past
  5. move past
  6. move past
simple past
  1. moved past
  2. moved past
  3. moved past
  4. moved past
  5. moved past
  6. moved past
present perfect
  1. have moved past
  2. have moved past
  3. has moved past
  4. have moved past
  5. have moved past
  6. have moved past
past continuous
  1. was moving past
  2. were moving past
  3. was moving past
  4. were moving past
  5. were moving past
  6. were moving past
  1. shall move past
  2. will move past
  3. will move past
  4. shall move past
  5. will move past
  6. will move past
continuous present
  1. am moving past
  2. are moving past
  3. is moving past
  4. are moving past
  5. are moving past
  6. are moving past
  1. be moved past
  2. be moved past
  3. be moved past
  4. be moved past
  5. be moved past
  6. be moved past
  1. move past!
  2. let's move past!
  3. moved past
  4. moving past
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for move past:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gå förbi move past; overtake; pass; ride past; sail past blow over; elapse; expire; go by; pass; pass through; pass through by boat; travel through; walk past
gå igenom move past; overtake; pass; ride past; sail past enter; go across; go over; go through; overhaul; penetrate; ransack; rummage; search; walk across
passera move past; overtake; pass; ride past; sail past elapse; expire; get through; go by; pass; pass through; travel through

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