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Detailed Translations for parry from English to Swedish


to parry verb (parries, parried, parrying)

  1. to parry (ward off; foil; field)
    parera; avvärja
    • parera verb (parerar, parerade, parerat)
    • avvärja verb (avvärjer, avvärjde, avvärjt)
  2. to parry (fend off; keep off; lay off)
    parera; avvärja; hålla undan
    • parera verb (parerar, parerade, parerat)
    • avvärja verb (avvärjer, avvärjde, avvärjt)
    • hålla undan verb (håller undan, höll undan, hållit undan)
  3. to parry (turn away; divert; avert; )
    vända bort
    • vända bort verb (vänder bort, vändde bort, vänt bort)

Conjugations for parry:

  1. parry
  2. parry
  3. parries
  4. parry
  5. parry
  6. parry
simple past
  1. parried
  2. parried
  3. parried
  4. parried
  5. parried
  6. parried
present perfect
  1. have parried
  2. have parried
  3. has parried
  4. have parried
  5. have parried
  6. have parried
past continuous
  1. was parrying
  2. were parrying
  3. was parrying
  4. were parrying
  5. were parrying
  6. were parrying
  1. shall parry
  2. will parry
  3. will parry
  4. shall parry
  5. will parry
  6. will parry
continuous present
  1. am parrying
  2. are parrying
  3. is parrying
  4. are parrying
  5. are parrying
  6. are parrying
  1. be parried
  2. be parried
  3. be parried
  4. be parried
  5. be parried
  6. be parried
  1. parry!
  2. let's parry!
  3. parried
  4. parrying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for parry:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
vända bort averting; turning away
- counter; counterpunch
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avvärja fend off; field; foil; keep off; lay off; parry; ward off
hålla undan fend off; keep off; lay off; parry
parera fend off; field; foil; keep off; lay off; parry; ward off
vända bort avert; divert; fend off; keep off; lay off; parry; turn away avert; turn away; turn off
- block; deflect

Related Words for "parry":

  • parrying

Synonyms for "parry":

Related Definitions for "parry":

  1. a return punch (especially by a boxer)1
  2. (fencing) blocking a lunge or deflecting it with a circular motion of the sword1
  3. impede the movement of (an opponent or a ball)1

Wiktionary Translations for parry:

Cross Translation:
parry kringgå; undfly parer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens