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Detailed Translations for refute from English to Swedish


to refute verb (refutes, refuted, refuting)

  1. to refute (object; protest; remonstrate; rebut; deny)
    invända; göra invändningar; protestera
  2. to refute
    vederlägga; motbevisa
    • vederlägga verb (vederlägger, vederlade, vederlagt)
    • motbevisa verb (motbevisar, motbevisade, motbevisat)

Conjugations for refute:

  1. refute
  2. refute
  3. refutes
  4. refute
  5. refute
  6. refute
simple past
  1. refuted
  2. refuted
  3. refuted
  4. refuted
  5. refuted
  6. refuted
present perfect
  1. have refuted
  2. have refuted
  3. has refuted
  4. have refuted
  5. have refuted
  6. have refuted
past continuous
  1. was refuting
  2. were refuting
  3. was refuting
  4. were refuting
  5. were refuting
  6. were refuting
  1. shall refute
  2. will refute
  3. will refute
  4. shall refute
  5. will refute
  6. will refute
continuous present
  1. am refuting
  2. are refuting
  3. is refuting
  4. are refuting
  5. are refuting
  6. are refuting
  1. be refuted
  2. be refuted
  3. be refuted
  4. be refuted
  5. be refuted
  6. be refuted
  1. refute!
  2. let's refute!
  3. refuted
  4. refuting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for refute:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
göra invändningar deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate complain; raise objections
invända deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate
motbevisa refute
protestera deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate complain; contradict; object; protest; rebut
vederlägga refute
- controvert; rebut

Related Words for "refute":

  • refuting, refutable

Synonyms for "refute":

Related Definitions for "refute":

  1. prove to be false or incorrect1
  2. overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof1
    • The speaker refuted his opponent's arguments1

Wiktionary Translations for refute:

  1. to prove (something) to be false or incorrect

Cross Translation:
refute dementera démentircontredire quelqu’un nier la véracité de ce qu’il affirmer.
refute kräkas; spy; neka; vägra; tacka nej till rejeter — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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