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  1. regale:


Detailed Translations for regale from English to Swedish


to regale verb (regales, regaled, regaling)

  1. to regale (welcome; entertain)
    välkomna; underhålla
    • välkomna verb (välkomnar, välkomnade, välkomnat)
    • underhålla verb (underhåller, underhöll, underhållit)
  2. to regale (treat; stand treat)
    bjuda på; traktera
    • bjuda på verb (bjuder på, bjöd på, bjudit på)
    • traktera verb (trakterar, trakterade, trakterat)
  3. to regale (feast; banquet)
    fira; festa
    • fira verb (firar, firade, firat)
    • festa verb (festar, festade, festat)
  4. to regale (treat; stand treat; do someone well)
    underhålla; traktera; undfägna
    • underhålla verb (underhåller, underhöll, underhållit)
    • traktera verb (trakterar, trakterade, trakterat)
    • undfägna verb (undfägnar, undfägnade, undfägnat)

Conjugations for regale:

  1. regale
  2. regale
  3. regales
  4. regale
  5. regale
  6. regale
simple past
  1. regaled
  2. regaled
  3. regaled
  4. regaled
  5. regaled
  6. regaled
present perfect
  1. have regaled
  2. have regaled
  3. has regaled
  4. have regaled
  5. have regaled
  6. have regaled
past continuous
  1. was regaling
  2. were regaling
  3. was regaling
  4. were regaling
  5. were regaling
  6. were regaling
  1. shall regale
  2. will regale
  3. will regale
  4. shall regale
  5. will regale
  6. will regale
continuous present
  1. am regaling
  2. are regaling
  3. is regaling
  4. are regaling
  5. are regaling
  6. are regaling
  1. be regaled
  2. be regaled
  3. be regaled
  4. be regaled
  5. be regaled
  6. be regaled
  1. regale!
  2. let's regale!
  3. regaled
  4. regaling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for regale:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bjuda på regale; stand treat; treat
festa banquet; feast; regale banquet; eat heartily; feast; have a gourmet; tuck in
fira banquet; feast; regale celebrate; feast; let them celebrate; party
traktera do someone well; regale; stand treat; treat
underhålla do someone well; entertain; regale; stand treat; treat; welcome aid someone financially; amuse; back someone; divert; entertain; keep up; maintain; preserve; protect; provide for; save; support
undfägna do someone well; regale; stand treat; treat
välkomna entertain; regale; welcome bid welcome; hail; welcome
- treat

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  1. provide with choice or abundant food or drink1