Detailed Translations for regulation from English to Swedish


regulation [the ~] noun

  1. the regulation (prescription; recommendation)
    ordination; åläggande; föreskrift; preskription; recept; stadgande
  2. the regulation (precept; rule)
    regel; föreskrift; bestämmelse
  3. the regulation (official regulation; rule)
  4. the regulation (by-law; ordinance)
    förordning; stadga; reglemente
  5. the regulation (discipline; ordinance; determination; )
    disciplin; beslutsamhet; ordning
  6. the regulation (normalization; normalisation)
  7. the regulation
    reglering; regel; föreskrift
  8. the regulation

Translation Matrix for regulation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beslutsamhet by-law; decision; defining; determination; discipline; fixing; ordinance; regulation; regulations; rules; submission decisiveness; firmness; resoluteness; resolution
bestämmelse precept; regulation; rule bound for; circumstances; condition; destination; instructions; issuing of rules; rules; stipulation
disciplin by-law; decision; defining; determination; discipline; fixing; ordinance; regulation; regulations; rules; submission
föreskrift official regulation; precept; prescription; recommendation; regulation; rule assignment; command; compass; instruction; instructions; issuing of rules; order; rules
förordning by-law; ordinance; regulation decree; ordinance
normalisering normalisation; normalization; regulation normalization; standardisation; standardization
officiell föreskrift official regulation; regulation; rule
ordination prescription; recommendation; regulation consecration; inauguration; initiation; ordination
ordning by-law; decision; defining; determination; discipline; fixing; ordinance; regulation; regulations; rules; submission decency; establishment; existing order; neatness; orderliness; sequence; succession; tidiness
preskription prescription; recommendation; regulation
recept prescription; recommendation; regulation formula; receipts; recipe
regel official regulation; precept; regulation; rule basic rule; bolt; catch; clasp; clasp-fastening; filter; latch; maxim; principle; rule; rule of life; spring-bolt; tongue
reglemente by-law; ordinance; regulation
reglering regulation instructions; issuing of rules; rules
stadga by-law; ordinance; regulation
stadgande prescription; recommendation; regulation
åläggande prescription; recommendation; regulation
- ordinance; regularisation; regularization; regulating; rule

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Synonyms for "regulation":

Related Definitions for "regulation":

  1. prescribed by or according to regulation1
    • regulation army equipment1
  2. the act of controlling or directing according to rule1
    • fiscal regulations are in the hands of politicians1
  3. the act of bringing to uniformity; making regular1
  4. a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior1
    • short haircuts were the regulation1
  5. an authoritative rule1
  6. (embryology) the ability of an early embryo to continue normal development after its structure has been somehow damaged or altered1
  7. the state of being controlled or governed1

Wiktionary Translations for regulation:

  1. law or administrative rule

Cross Translation:
regulation bestämmelse Bestimmung — Anordnung, Vorschrift
regulation befallning; befäl; kommando; order commandement — À trier
regulation styrelse; regering gouvernementaction, charge, ou manière de gouverner, de régir, d’administrer quelque chose, en particulier dans le domaine politique.
regulation statut statut — droit|fr ensemble de lois, de règlements, coutumes, spécialement applicables, soit à des personnes, ou des groupes de personnes, soit à des biens.
regulation ans tenue — Traductions à trier suivant le sens.

regulation form of regulate:

to regulate verb (regulates, regulated, regulating)

  1. to regulate (arrange; settle; order; fix)
    ordna; reglera; se till; göra i ordning
    • ordna verb (ordnar, ordnade, ordnat)
    • reglera verb (reglerar, reglerade, reglerat)
    • se till verb (ser till, såg till, sett till)
    • göra i ordning verb (gör i ordning, gjorde i ordning, gjort i ordning)
  2. to regulate
    reglera; normera; avpassa
    • reglera verb (reglerar, reglerade, reglerat)
    • normera verb (normerar, normerade, normerat)
    • avpassa verb (avpassar, avpassade, avpassat)
  3. to regulate
    styra; ordna; reglera; inrätta
    • styra verb (styr, styrde, styrt)
    • ordna verb (ordnar, ordnade, ordnat)
    • reglera verb (reglerar, reglerade, reglerat)
    • inrätta verb (inrättar, inrättade, inrättat)
  4. to regulate (standardize; standardise)
    • standardisera verb (standardiserar, standardiserade, standardiserat)

Conjugations for regulate:

  1. regulate
  2. regulate
  3. regulates
  4. regulate
  5. regulate
  6. regulate
simple past
  1. regulated
  2. regulated
  3. regulated
  4. regulated
  5. regulated
  6. regulated
present perfect
  1. have regulated
  2. have regulated
  3. has regulated
  4. have regulated
  5. have regulated
  6. have regulated
past continuous
  1. was regulating
  2. were regulating
  3. was regulating
  4. were regulating
  5. were regulating
  6. were regulating
  1. shall regulate
  2. will regulate
  3. will regulate
  4. shall regulate
  5. will regulate
  6. will regulate
continuous present
  1. am regulating
  2. are regulating
  3. is regulating
  4. are regulating
  5. are regulating
  6. are regulating
  1. be regulated
  2. be regulated
  3. be regulated
  4. be regulated
  5. be regulated
  6. be regulated
  1. regulate!
  2. let's regulate!
  3. regulated
  4. regulating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. regulate

Translation Matrix for regulate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avpassa regulate
göra i ordning arrange; fix; order; regulate; settle finish; fix; have ended; have finished; prepare
inrätta regulate build; erect; establish; raise; set up
normera regulate determine norm; set standards
ordna arrange; fix; order; regulate; settle archivate; arrange; arrange something; assort; charge; class; classify; document; file; fix; get settled; group; instal; install; ordain; order; organise; organize; put in order; put right; range; rank; select; set up; shunt; sift; sort out; store; straighten out
reglera arrange; fix; order; regulate; settle
se till arrange; fix; order; regulate; settle guard; monitor; watch over
standardisera regulate; standardise; standardize determine norm; set standards; standardise; standardize
styra regulate be at the wheel; drive; steer
- baffle; determine; govern; influence; modulate; mold; order; regularise; regularize; shape
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
reglementera regulate

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Antonyms for "regulate":

  • deregulate

Related Definitions for "regulate":

  1. check the emission of (sound)1
  2. fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of1
    • regulate the temperature1
  3. shape or influence; give direction to1
  4. bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations1
    • We cannot regulate the way people dress1
    • This town likes to regulate1

Wiktionary Translations for regulate:

  1. adjust

Cross Translation:
regulate ordna ordnen — etwas in eine bestimmte Reihenfolge oder Verteilung bringen
regulate reglementera reglementieren — durch ein Reglement, durch Vorschriften regeln
regulate inreda réglertirer avec la règle des lignes droites sur du papier, du parchemin, du carton, etc. cf|papier réglé.

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