Detailed Translations for resist from English to Swedish


to resist verb (resists, resisted, resisting)

  1. to resist (thwart; counteract; withstand; oppose)
    • motarbeta verb (motarbetar, motarbetade, motarbetat)
  2. to resist (withstand)
    • motstå verb (motstår, motstod, motstått)
  3. to resist (withstand)
    stå emot; emotstå
    • stå emot verb (står emot, stod emot, stått emot)
    • emotstå verb (emotstår, emotstod, emotstått)
  4. to resist (struggle; fight back)
    motsätta sig; göra motstånd; opponera sig
    • motsätta sig verb (motsätter sig, motsatte sig, motsatt sig)
    • göra motstånd verb (gör motstånd, gjorde motstånd, gjort motstånd)
    • opponera sig verb (opponerar sig, opponerade sig, opponerat sig)
  5. to resist (defend; keep away; keep off; hold off; keep out)
    • försvara verb (försvarar, försvarade, försvarat)
  6. to resist
    motsätta sig; göra motstånd

Conjugations for resist:

  1. resist
  2. resist
  3. resists
  4. resist
  5. resist
  6. resist
simple past
  1. resisted
  2. resisted
  3. resisted
  4. resisted
  5. resisted
  6. resisted
present perfect
  1. have resisted
  2. have resisted
  3. has resisted
  4. have resisted
  5. have resisted
  6. have resisted
past continuous
  1. was resisting
  2. were resisting
  3. was resisting
  4. were resisting
  5. were resisting
  6. were resisting
  1. shall resist
  2. will resist
  3. will resist
  4. shall resist
  5. will resist
  6. will resist
continuous present
  1. am resisting
  2. are resisting
  3. is resisting
  4. are resisting
  5. are resisting
  6. are resisting
  1. be resisted
  2. be resisted
  3. be resisted
  4. be resisted
  5. be resisted
  6. be resisted
  1. resist!
  2. let's resist!
  3. resisted
  4. resisting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for resist:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
emotstå resist; withstand
försvara defend; hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out; resist
göra motstånd fight back; resist; struggle
motarbeta counteract; oppose; resist; thwart; withstand bother; cause failure; counteract; cross; demoralise; demoralize; discourage; frustrate; hamper; hinder; impede; make it difficult; make it hard; obstruct; oppose; prevent; sabotage; stem; stonewall; stop; thwart; upset
motstå resist; withstand
motsätta sig fight back; resist; struggle disagree
opponera sig fight back; resist; struggle complain; raise objections
stå emot resist; withstand
- balk; baulk; defy; dissent; fend; hold out; jib; protest; refuse; reject; stand; stand firm; withstand
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
spjärna kick against; offer resistance; resist

Related Words for "resist":

  • resisting, resistive

Synonyms for "resist":

Antonyms for "resist":

Related Definitions for "resist":

  1. withstand the force of something1
    • The trees resisted her1
  2. stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something1
  3. express opposition through action or words1
  4. refuse to comply1
  5. elude, especially in a baffling way1
  6. resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ1

Wiktionary Translations for resist:

  1. to withstand effects of something

Cross Translation:
resist backa; rygga; baklänges reculertirer ou pousser un objet en arrière.

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