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Detailed Translations for rise up from English to Swedish

rise up:

to rise up verb (rises up, rose up, rising up)

  1. to rise up (stand up; rise; arise; ascent)
    stiga upp; resa sig; uppstiga; stå upp
    • stiga upp verb (stiger upp, steg upp, stigit upp)
    • resa sig verb (reser sig, reste sig, rest sig)
    • uppstiga verb (uppstigar, uppstigade, uppstigat)
    • stå upp verb (står upp, stod upp, stått upp)

Conjugations for rise up:

  1. rise up
  2. rise up
  3. rises up
  4. rise up
  5. rise up
  6. rise up
simple past
  1. rose up
  2. rose up
  3. rose up
  4. rose up
  5. rose up
  6. rose up
present perfect
  1. have risen up
  2. have risen up
  3. has risen up
  4. have risen up
  5. have risen up
  6. have risen up
past continuous
  1. was rising up
  2. were rising up
  3. was rising up
  4. were rising up
  5. were rising up
  6. were rising up
  1. shall rise up
  2. will rise up
  3. will rise up
  4. shall rise up
  5. will rise up
  6. will rise up
continuous present
  1. am rising up
  2. are rising up
  3. is rising up
  4. are rising up
  5. are rising up
  6. are rising up
  1. be risen up
  2. be risen up
  3. be risen up
  4. be risen up
  5. be risen up
  6. be risen up
  1. rise up!
  2. let's rise up!
  3. risen up
  4. rising up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for rise up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
resa sig arise; ascent; rise; rise up; stand up come up; enhance; grow; heighten; mutiny; raise; rebel; revolt; rise; stand up
stiga upp arise; ascent; rise; rise up; stand up arise; ascend; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; bristle; climb; flare up; fly up; get away; go up; go upward; grow; increase; mount; rise; rise to the surface; start; step upstairs; take off
stå upp arise; ascent; rise; rise up; stand up
uppstiga arise; ascent; rise; rise up; stand up ascend; go up; rise; take off
- arise; come up; rear; rebel; rise; surface

Synonyms for "rise up":

Related Definitions for "rise up":

  1. stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds1
  2. come to the surface1
  3. take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance1

Wiktionary Translations for rise up:

Cross Translation:
rise up resa sig aufstehenHilfsverb sein: einen Aufstand machen
rise up resa sig erhebenreflexiv, gegen jemanden/etwas: Widerstand leisten gegen

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