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Detailed Translations for roaming from English to Swedish


roaming adj

  1. roaming (wandering; tramping)

roaming [the ~] noun

  1. the roaming
    – The process of maintaining connectivity outside of one's usual service or coverage area. 1

Translation Matrix for roaming:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
vandrande hike; hiking; ramble; rambling; wandering
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
nätverksväxling roaming
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
vandrande roaming; tramping; wandering wandering

Related Words for "roaming":

Related Definitions for "roaming":

  1. The process by which an SMS/Configuration Manager client changes its IP address such that it ends up in a site to which it is not assigned. Roaming exists to facilitate SMS/Configuration Manager clients in getting software distribution most efficiently.1
  2. The process of maintaining connectivity outside of one's usual service or coverage area.1

roaming form of roam:

to roam verb (roams, roamed, roaming)

  1. to roam (roam around)
    ströva; ströva omkring
    • ströva verb (strövar, strövade, strövat)
    • ströva omkring verb (strövar omkring, strövade omkring, strövat omkring)
  2. to roam (wander)
    vandra; ströva
    • vandra verb (vandrar, vandrade, vandrat)
    • ströva verb (strövar, strövade, strövat)
  3. to roam (rove; wander about)
    • ströva verb (strövar, strövade, strövat)
  4. to roam (drift about; wander; rove about)
    ströva omkring; driva omkring
    • ströva omkring verb (strövar omkring, strövade omkring, strövat omkring)
    • driva omkring verb (driver omkring, drev omkring, drivit omkring)

Conjugations for roam:

  1. roam
  2. roam
  3. roams
  4. roam
  5. roam
  6. roam
simple past
  1. roamed
  2. roamed
  3. roamed
  4. roamed
  5. roamed
  6. roamed
present perfect
  1. have roamed
  2. have roamed
  3. has roamed
  4. have roamed
  5. have roamed
  6. have roamed
past continuous
  1. was roaming
  2. were roaming
  3. was roaming
  4. were roaming
  5. were roaming
  6. were roaming
  1. shall roam
  2. will roam
  3. will roam
  4. shall roam
  5. will roam
  6. will roam
continuous present
  1. am roaming
  2. are roaming
  3. is roaming
  4. are roaming
  5. are roaming
  6. are roaming
  1. be roamed
  2. be roamed
  3. be roamed
  4. be roamed
  5. be roamed
  6. be roamed
  1. roam!
  2. let's roam!
  3. roamed
  4. roaming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for roam:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
driva omkring drift about; roam; rove about; wander gad about; knock about; lounge about; mooch about
ströva roam; roam around; rove; wander; wander about
ströva omkring drift about; roam; roam around; rove about; wander browse; ferret about; ferret around; hunt; investigate; knock about; lounge about; nose about; nose around; saunter about; search; walk about; walk round; wander about
vandra roam; wander make a hiking tour

Related Words for "roam":

Synonyms for "roam":

Related Definitions for "roam":

  1. To move between different environments and have the same user experience in both environments.1
  2. To use a phone outside the usual service area.1

Wiktionary Translations for roam:

Cross Translation:
roam irra omkring; irra; förirra sig irren — Orientierungslos sein, ohne Ortskenntnis umherlaufen, sich verlaufen
roam irra errervaguer de côté et d’autre, aller çà et là.
roam irra vaguererrer çà et là, aller de côté et d’autre à l’aventure.