Detailed Translations for sag from English to Swedish


to sag verb (sags, sagged, sagging)

  1. to sag (bend; give way)
    ge med sig; bågna
    • ge med sig verb (ger med sig, gav med sig, givit med sig)
    • bågna verb (bågnar, bågnade, bågnat)
  2. to sag (bulge out; bulge)
    bågna; svikta; hänga slappt
    • bågna verb (bågnar, bågnade, bågnat)
    • svikta verb (sviktar, sviktade, sviktat)
    • hänga slappt verb (hänger slappt, hängde slappt, hängt slappt)
  3. to sag (prolapse; collapse; slump)
    framfalla; prolapsa
    • framfalla verb (framfaller, framföll, framfallit)
    • prolapsa verb (prolapsar, prolapsade, prolapsat)
  4. to sag (be going down hill; prolapse; subside; sink; go under)
    gå under; gå nedförsbacke
    • gå under verb (går under, gick under, gått under)
    • gå nedförsbacke verb (går nedförsbacke, gick nedförsbacke, gått nedförsbacke)
  5. to sag (subside; prolapse; sink; )
    kollapsa; svikta; ge efter
    • kollapsa verb (kollapsar, kollapsade, kollapsat)
    • svikta verb (sviktar, sviktade, sviktat)
    • ge efter verb (ger efter, gav efter, givit efter)
  6. to sag (subside; sink in; prolapse; cave in; bulge out)
    sjunka undan
    • sjunka undan verb (sjunker undan, sjönk undan, sjunkit undan)
  7. to sag (bulge out)
    hänga; svikta
    • hänga verb (hänger, hängde, hängt)
    • svikta verb (sviktar, sviktade, sviktat)

Conjugations for sag:

  1. sag
  2. sag
  3. sags
  4. sag
  5. sag
  6. sag
simple past
  1. sagged
  2. sagged
  3. sagged
  4. sagged
  5. sagged
  6. sagged
present perfect
  1. have sagged
  2. have sagged
  3. has sagged
  4. have sagged
  5. have sagged
  6. have sagged
past continuous
  1. was sagging
  2. were sagging
  3. was sagging
  4. were sagging
  5. were sagging
  6. were sagging
  1. shall sag
  2. will sag
  3. will sag
  4. shall sag
  5. will sag
  6. will sag
continuous present
  1. am sagging
  2. are sagging
  3. is sagging
  4. are sagging
  5. are sagging
  6. are sagging
  1. be sagged
  2. be sagged
  3. be sagged
  4. be sagged
  5. be sagged
  6. be sagged
  1. sag!
  2. let's sag!
  3. sagged
  4. sagging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

sag [the ~] noun

  1. the sag (bulge)
    fördjupning; grop

Translation Matrix for sag:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fördjupning bulge; sag deepening; in-depth exploration; in-depth study
grop bulge; sag mine; pit
gå under going down; sinking; subsiding
hänga bank; incline; slope; talus
kollapsa collapse; fall; falling down
- droop
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bågna bend; bulge; bulge out; give way; sag
framfalla collapse; prolapse; sag; slump
ge efter cave in; collapse; give way; prolapse; sag; sink; subside
ge med sig bend; give way; sag
gå nedförsbacke be going down hill; go under; prolapse; sag; sink; subside
gå under be going down hill; go under; prolapse; sag; sink; subside go down; go under; perish; set; sink; submerge; succumb; suffer
hänga bulge out; sag do nothing much; hang; hang about; hang up; lounge around; stand around
hänga slappt bulge; bulge out; sag hang loosely
kollapsa cave in; collapse; give way; prolapse; sag; sink; subside break up; buckle; cave in; collapse; crash; crash down; crumble; crumble down; disintegrate; drop; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; relapse; slump; subside; topple down
prolapsa collapse; prolapse; sag; slump
sjunka undan bulge out; cave in; prolapse; sag; sink in; subside
svikta bulge; bulge out; cave in; collapse; give way; prolapse; sag; sink; subside
- droop; flag; sag down; swag

Related Words for "sag":

  • sags

Synonyms for "sag":

Related Definitions for "sag":

  1. a shape that sags1
    • there was a sag in the chair seat1
  2. droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness1
  3. cause to sag1
    • The children sagged their bottoms down even more comfortably1