Detailed Translations for signify from English to Swedish


to signify verb (signifies, signified, signifying)

  1. to signify (point to; indicate; imply; suggest; stand for)
    föreslå; indikera; implicera; peka mot; tala för
    • föreslå verb (föreslår, föreslog, föreslagit)
    • indikera verb (indikerar, indikerade, indikerat)
    • implicera verb (implicerar, implicerade, implicerat)
    • peka mot verb (pekar mot, pekade mot, pekat mot)
    • tala för verb (talar för, talade för, talat för)
  2. to signify (mean)
    betyda; innebära; tyda på
    • betyda verb (betyder, betydde, betytt)
    • innebära verb (innebär, innebar, inneburit)
    • tyda på verb (tyder på, tydde på, tytt på)

Conjugations for signify:

  1. signify
  2. signify
  3. signifies
  4. signify
  5. signify
  6. signify
simple past
  1. signified
  2. signified
  3. signified
  4. signified
  5. signified
  6. signified
present perfect
  1. have signified
  2. have signified
  3. has signified
  4. have signified
  5. have signified
  6. have signified
past continuous
  1. was signifying
  2. were signifying
  3. was signifying
  4. were signifying
  5. were signifying
  6. were signifying
  1. shall signify
  2. will signify
  3. will signify
  4. shall signify
  5. will signify
  6. will signify
continuous present
  1. am signifying
  2. are signifying
  3. is signifying
  4. are signifying
  5. are signifying
  6. are signifying
  1. be signified
  2. be signified
  3. be signified
  4. be signified
  5. be signified
  6. be signified
  1. signify!
  2. let's signify!
  3. signified
  4. signifying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for signify:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
betyda mean; signify coming down; mean
föreslå imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest advise; bring forward; bring in; initiate; intimate; introduce; lay before; make a proposal; nominate; present; prompt; propose; propound; raise; recommend; suggest
implicera imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest implicate; imply
indikera imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest draw attention to; indicate; point; point out; show; signal
innebära mean; signify implicate; imply
peka mot imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest
tala för imply; indicate; point to; signify; stand for; suggest
tyda på mean; signify
- intend; mean; stand for

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Related Definitions for "signify":

  1. denote or connote1
  2. convey or express a meaning1
    • What does his strange behavior signify?1
  3. make known with a word or signal1
    • He signified his wish to pay the bill for our meal1

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