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  1. sniff up:


Detailed Translations for sniff up from English to Swedish

sniff up:

sniff up verb

  1. sniff up (snort; sniff; inhale)
    andas in; snorta; sniffa in
    • andas in verb (andas in, andades in, andats in)
    • snorta verb (snortar, snortade, snortat)
    • sniffa in verb (sniffar in, sniffade in, sniffat in)
  2. sniff up
    dra up i näsan
    • dra up i näsan verb (drar up i näsan, drog up i näsan, dragit up i näsan)

Translation Matrix for sniff up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
andas in inhale; sniff; sniff up; snort breathe; draw breath; draw in; haul in; inhale; take in
dra up i näsan sniff up
sniffa in inhale; sniff; sniff up; snort
snorta inhale; sniff; sniff up; snort

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